Green Mica Powder

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    There are more shades of green than you can imagine—but at Eye Candy Pigments, we collect as many as possible with our green pigments. That’s how we can offer you such a large assortment of shades and tones. Choose from green mica powders that are metallic, iridescent, shimmery, or that incorporate other effects.

    Our green mica powders are popular with epoxy resin artists who create masterpieces. But you’ll love using them just as much for at-home DIY projects like making candles, soaps, jewelry—and startlingly realistic slime.

    Eye Candy only sells high-quality green mica powders that are nontoxic and cruelty-free. We back up our products with service that always puts the customer first.

    So shop for the green pigment of your dreams and get going on your project!

    30 products
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