Tips for Using Mica Powder in Candle Making

Jun 9, 2022

If you enjoy making candles to decorate your home, give as gifts, or sell to others, you’re probably always looking for new ingredients to make your candles even more beautiful. While many focus on the scented ingredients, there are certain aesthetic ingredients you can add that will improve your candles, such as mica powder. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips for using mica powder in your candle making.

Decide When To Use Mica

Part of using mica powder in your candles is deciding when you want to use it in the candle-making process. You can add the powder while mixing ingredients into liquid wax or after the wax has hardened. Either way will show off the beautiful color and shine of the mica, but they will have different effects.

How To Use Mica During Melting

If you decide that you want to use mica powder while melting and pouring your candles, there is a specific time that you need to add it. Start by melting your candle base as you normally would, mixing until the base is entirely liquid. Then, if you’re using candle dye, mix in the dye until it is thoroughly combined. Finally, add in your desired amount of mica powder. A good rule of thumb is 1/16th of a teaspoon for every 16 liquid ounces of base, but you can add more or less as desired. Finish mixing your base with any added fragrances or other extras before pouring it into your selected container.

Important Note: Mica powder tends to stick to cotton wicks. Avoid this problem by using wooden wicks when possible.

How To Use Mica After Melting

If you don’t want mica in your entire candle and want the aesthetic effects for the first few burns, you can add mica to the top of your completed candle. Since mica is natural and skin-safe, you can use your finger to apply the powder to the top of your candle or apply it with a paint or makeup brush to make less of a mess. If you’re making wax melts, then dust the inside of your silicone mold with mica powder using either your finger or a brush for similar results.

Important Note: Mica powder will wash off skin and brushes with soap and water, so either application type is safe.

Deciding when you want to use mica powder and learning how to safely use mica during different parts of the candle-making process are the most important tips for using mica powder in your candle making. If you’re interested in adding mica powder to your candles, you’ve come to the right place. Eye Candy Pigments offers a variety of beautiful powders, including white mica powder, that will make your candles and any other creative projects colorful and luminescent.