Basic Mica Powder Sample Packs

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    How do you get exactly the right shade for your project? Well, you can try to mix and experiment until you run out of supplies, but we have a better idea. Try Eye Candy Pigments’ single-color mica powder sample packs, each of which contains 10 or more of our best-selling shades.

    When we call these variety samplers, we mean it. You’ll find a variety of tones, hues, and finishes in these 5-gram containers. We even vary the size of our mica pearl microns for better blending in your preferred medium.

    Eye Candy pigment powders are truly multipurpose. You can use them for just about any creative endeavor, whether you’re an accomplished resin artist or a DIY enthusiast making your first bath bomb. Buy one of our single-color mica powder sample packs, and you’ll have the right pigments at the ready.
    19 products
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