Opulent Series

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    Eye Candy has various high-quality mica powders for sale! Check out our collection of vibrant colors, so you can buy what you need to bring your creative vision to fruition. Our opulent series includes twelve outstanding pigments that will make everything you create outstanding.

    All our high-quality mica powders are the ultimate crafting supply because they look fantastic, and you can use them for any type of project. Some artists shop the opulent series to stock up on mica powder to add detail to woodworking, while others use it for candle making. We believe creativity has no limit, which is why Eye Candy sells high-quality mica powders that work for anything.

    Purchase your favorite in the opulent series, or buy the package deal, so you can have them all! If you need help deciding on the ideal product, our unbeatable customer service team can give you the support you need.

    13 products
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