15-Color Mica Samples

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    Have you just gotten into using mica powders to enhance your artistic projects? If so, then shop at Eye Candy for a 15-color mica sample pack. With these packs, you’ll have a set of our most popular colors to easily beautify your creations. Browse our collection to best decide which one of our 15-pack pigment samples has the colors you need. We have great options like our Ghost pigments, black/brown/white set, and Hue Series.

    Eye Candy’s mica powders work great for various projects, including resin, slime, soap, and cosmetics. Your creative opportunities are nearly endless! Buy the 15-color mica sample containing the colors you’ll use most or buy different sets to suit different projects.

    If you have questions about our product, call 386-281-3463 or email jeff@eyecandycustomz.com.

    3 products
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