Shimmer Mica Flakes

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    Nothing quite sparkles like our shimmer mica flakes! We’ve got 12 fabulous options, so you can mix and match the powders you purchase. Or buy our shimmer flake variety pack, so you can have all our options in your art supply box.

    Our extremely fine shimmer mica flakes provide a smoother, more uniform application. The mica shimmer powder disperses evenly, minimizing clumping and enhancing the radiant and colorful effect. The fine granularity also allows you to build thin layers that aren’t gritty or heavy. These characteristics of shimmer mica flakes make it easier to customize your personal or professional projects with a distinctive depth of color.

    Purchase a mica powder that makes your project shine under the light! Our shimmer flakes also work great for darkening or brightening anything you make, so you can truly make your great ideas a reality. Contact our customer service team if you have questions about our shimmer mica flakes or other products in our online store. Our skilled team responds quickly and has the knowledge you need to give a thorough explanation of each product and how to use it.

    13 products
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