Red Mica Powder

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    If you’re an artist, you know how hard it is to find true red mica powder without a pinkish hue. Eye Candy has the solution. We’ve introduced three new colors of red pigments that will please purists: Akai Tsuki Red, Yamagata Red, and Senshi Red.

    Of course, we offer an entire spectrum of other shades of red pigment powder, too. If you’re in the beauty industry, you’ll love them for lipstick, blush, and much more. Check our pigment information page and you’ll be surprised by how many colors are FDA-approved.

    Our red pigment powders are incredibly versatile. Resin artists rely on them for vibrant, professional results. Woodworkers use them for many projects. And they’re a DIY essential whether you’re making jewelry, soap, or slime.

    Shop Eye Candy’s selection of vivid red mica powders and find out how they can upgrade your next creation.

    34 products
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