Ultrashift Chameleon Mica Powder Pigments

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    Intense. Cosmic. Hyper-holographic. It takes words like that to describe the effect of Eye Candy’s Ultrashift chameleon mica powder. This collection has all the eerie beauty of our Colorshift powders—but turned up to 11. Mix it into any paint, add it to your epoxy resin creations, put it in your nail polish. These tints have the impact of computer-generated effects.

    Are they too over-the-top? Never. We’ve even had clients paint cars with Ultrashift shades. On a black base, this pigment powder looks like liquid chrome from some other planet. You probably want people to notice your work; Ultrashift chameleon mica powder will give them whiplash.

    Find your favorite version of this exciting collection. We can’t wait to see the results.
    15 products
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