Irregular Mica Flakes

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    Looking to buy some mica flakes for crafts? Then browse our incredible collection! Eye Candy has 11 irregular mica flakes for you to choose from, and each one looks incredible. This is the perfect product if you want to add some shine to nail polish, woodworking, jewelry, and more. Our irregular mica flakes will add that unique touch every artist searches for while crafting.

    Irregular mica flakes are natural mineral fragments characterized by their slightly uneven shapes and sizes. The nonuniform flake shapes create a dynamic, shimmering effect in arts and crafts projects. Discover how irregular mica flakes can make your artwork more surprising and unique. Whether featured as an accent or focal point, mica glitter flakes add a touch of magic to any piece.

    If you have questions about this product or your order, contact our customer support team for assistance. Our responsive team can answer those questions and restate any concerns you have. Buy irregular mica flakes today!

    12 products
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