January 2024 Maker of the Month

Meet Rachel Wu

As we usher in the new year, Eye Candy Pigments is excited to spotlight our January 2024 Maker of the Month, Rachel Wu. Rachel, hailing from the picturesque Sarasota, Florida, has established herself as a distinguished epoxy artist. Her work is not just art—it's a journey to the tranquil shores of the Gulf Coast.

Translating the Gulf Coast's Serenity into Art

Rachel's prowess in the realm of epoxy art is exceptional. She has a unique gift for capturing the soothing essence of coastal waves and seamlessly integrating this tranquility into living spaces. Her portfolio is a stunning collection that ranges from exquisitely designed tables and diverse functional clocks (16 to 36 inches in diameter) to elegant towel racks and enchanting lazy susans. Each creation is a vibrant reflection of her commitment to bringing the ocean's calm to homes and hearts.

The Art of Preserving Memories

Expanding her artistic spectrum, Rachel now also specializes in floral preservation. This new venture allows her to encapsulate the fleeting beauty of life's special moments within her epoxy creations. Be it a bridal bouquet, a floral tribute for a funeral, or just a cherished bloom, Rachel transforms these into enduring, meaningful art pieces.

Personalized Artistic Endeavors

At Eye Candy Pigments, we admire Rachel's personalized approach to her craft. She understands that art is a deeply personal experience. Therefore, she collaborates closely with clients, customizing each piece to reflect their unique tastes. Her dedication shines through in her commitment to open communication and involvement in each step of the creation process. Rachel’s work not only exemplifies beauty but also ensures a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for those who commission her art.

A Collaboration of Beauty and Craft

We invite you to join us in celebrating the artistry of Rachel Wu, our January 2024 Maker of the Month. Discover the serene beauty of the Gulf Coast through her captivating epoxy pieces. For bespoke epoxy art that transforms your space, reach out to Rachel Wu.

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