March 2024 Maker of the Month

Meet Justin Salley

In the vibrant world of creativity and color, few artists manage to leave a mark as significant as Justin Salley has within the acrylic pour community. This March, Eye Candy Pigments is thrilled to honor an exceptional talent, a devoted creator, and a beloved member of our community, Justin Salley, as our Maker of the Month.

A Shared Journey of Creativity

Following the recognition of Jessica Salley, his equally talented partner, as our September 2023 Maker of the Month, we find ourselves in a unique position to celebrate not just an individual artist, but a dynamic duo that has significantly enriched our vibrant community.

The Salley Legacy

Justin's journey with Eye Candy Pigments began with a splash of color and a vision to integrate our diverse palette into the world of acrylic pours. His innovative spirit and dedication have played a pivotal role in not just popularizing our colors but also in fostering a culture of exploration and creativity. His contributions go beyond art; Justin has been instrumental in providing superior guidance and invaluable information to our users and followers, helping them unlock their creative potential.

Oregon Grown, Nature Inspired

Born and raised in Oregon, Justin's artistry is deeply rooted in the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. From the lush green forests to the majestic blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, his work is a testament to the beauty that surrounds us. Justin's connection to nature doesn't stop with his art. When he's not in his studio, you can find him embracing the serenity of the great outdoors, with a particular passion for fishing, especially Smallmouth Bass.

A Diverse Palette of Mediums

Since embarking on his fluid art journey on July 27th, 2021, Justin has expanded his creative repertoire to include resin and alcohol ink, alongside his initial love for acrylic pour art. Despite the limitations of a small workspace, his passion for woodworking showcases his versatility and commitment to exploring various forms of expression.

Creating: A Need, Not a Want

For Justin, creating is as essential as breathing. It's his pathway to peace, a means to connect with his inner self, and a way to share his love for the Pacific Wonderland with the world. His art is not just seen; it's felt, embodying the spirit of creation that drives him every day.

Did You Know?

For our upcoming new catalog that's soon to be released, one of Justin's work is our cover page.

Join Us in Celebrating Justin Salley

We invite our community to explore Justin's inspiring journey, celebrate his achievements, and draw inspiration from his dedication to art and nature. Join us in appreciating the beauty he creates and shares with the world.

Eye Candy Pigments is proud to have Justin Salley as our Maker of the Month for March 2024. His impact on our community and the world of acrylic pour art continues to inspire and resonate with creators everywhere.

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Fluid Flow Website

Explore the vibrant intersection of nature and creativity on Justin Salley's website, where his passion for the Pacific Northwest's beauty is masterfully translated into stunning acrylic pours, resin pieces, and alcohol ink creations.

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Justin Salley Art

Discover the mesmerizing fusion of nature's tranquility and vibrant creativity on Justin Salley's Facebook page, "JustinSalleyArt," See how it's created and join the amazing community.

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Justin Salley Art

Immerse yourself in @JustinSalleyArt on Instagram, where Justin's journey through acrylic pours, resin, and alcohol inks unfolds in a captivating display of the Pacific Northwest.

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Justin Salley Fluid Art

Step into the vibrant world of @JustinSalleyFluidArt on Facebook, where Justin Salley's passion for fluid artistry merges with the vivid landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, using Eye Candy Pigments to transform acrylic pours, resin, and alcohol inks

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Justin Salley TikTok

Join the creative journey on @JustinSalleyFluidArt on TikTok, where Justin shares his passion for fluid art with Eye Candy Pigments through engaging videos. Follow along for a dose of inspiration, tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

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Fluid Flow Expressions

Storefront of Fluid Flow Expressions on Facebook, where Justin Salley curates a stunning collection of fluid art masterpieces available for purchase. From the intricate dances of color in acrylic pours to the deep, mesmerizing swirls of resin and alcohol ink.

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Macaw Blue Green
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