July 2024 Maker of the Month

Meet Justin & Liberty Lumber Products 

August 2023 by Justin Czar & Shawn Manchester, Liberty Lumber Products is a beacon of handcrafted excellence in Rhode Island.

At Liberty Lumber Products, a dedicated team of artisans brings your vision to life, creating stunning and functional pieces that become cherished parts of your home. Committed to sustainability, they use only the finest, responsibly sourced hardwoods, transforming them into more than just furniture—each piece becomes a conversation starter.

Joining Justin Czar in this creative endeavor is Shawn Manchester, a talented artist originally from Rhode Island. Shawn embarked on his artistic journey in 2010, specializing in special effects, prop design, and costume creation. His passion for crafting unique designs led him to join Liberty Lumber Products in May 2023. Here, Shawn combines his extensive artistic background with woodworking expertise, focusing on creating bespoke furniture pieces and innovative epoxy designs. His dedication to merging creativity with craftsmanship continues to shape his contributions to the team.

Specializing in exquisite epoxy river tables, Liberty Lumber Products turns natural wood into mesmerizing works of art using high-quality pigments from Eye Candy Pigments. These pigments add a vibrant and unique touch to their creations, ensuring that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Their elegant charcuterie boards, also enhanced with Eye Candy Pigments, add a touch of sophistication to any gathering.

There are no limitations at Liberty Lumber Products. Whether replicating a treasured family heirloom or crafting a modern marvel with the latest design trends, they are your partners in creating the perfect piece. Their skilled craftsmen combine expertise and passion to turn your dreams into handcrafted masterpieces that will be enjoyed for generations. Eye Candy Pigments is proud to be a part of their creative process, providing the colors that bring their work to life.