June 2024 Maker of the Month

Meet Melanie B

Melanie, a native of South Carolina, has spent 43 of her 54 years living on a beautiful 280-acre property that has been in her family for four generations. Located just 15 minutes from Clemson University, this land has been the backdrop of her life's journey.

Married at 19 during her second year at Clemson, Melanie became a mother by 20 and dedicated herself to raising her four children as a stay-at-home mom for 20 years. During this time, she sought creative outlets to maintain her sanity and explored various hobbies.

Melanie's passion for arts and crafts led her to teach classes in local stores as a side hustle. Her love for creativity revealed her skills in art and design, prompting her to return to college in 2010. She earned two associates degrees in Graphic Design and Web Design with Honors, graduating just before her 40th birthday.

On August 6, 2013, a devastating flood took the life of her eldest son, Logan. This tragedy marked a turning point in Melanie's life. Despite the immense grief, she found solace in creative pursuits, which became a lifeline for her mental well-being. You can watch more about this story HERE.

Melanie attempted to work in the corporate world but was forced to resign due to health issues exacerbated by her grief. However, her passion for creativity remained unwavering. In late 2019, she launched "Melanie B’s Creative Studio" on YouTube, sharing her artistic journey with the world. Her philosophy is to "keep it real" and help viewers find joy in the creative process, using humor and compassion.

Recognizing a gap in the market for paint-by-number enthusiasts, Melanie used her design background to create custom products. In 2021, she launched "Melanie B’s Creative Supplies" online shop, offering her favorite art supplies and custom paint brushes designed to make the hobby frustration-free.

Though financial success has been elusive, Melanie finds immense gratification in knowing that her work helps others find peace and solace through creativity. Her journey is a testament to the healing power of art and the resilience of the human spirit.