3 Holiday Soap Bar Designs to Make This Winter

Dec 7, 2022

Many people make their own household products—including soap—year around. Even if you normally prefer to buy your soap, making soap bars during the holidays is a great way to easily create thoughtful gifts for other people or make your own home more festive. Keep reading to get three ideas for holiday soap bar designs to make this winter.

Swirled Orange and Cinnamon Soap Bars

Citrus and spice is a wonderful aromatic combination all year round, but especially during the holidays. All you need to create a swirled orange and cinnamon soap bar design is a white or clear soap base, colorants, aromatic skin-safe oils, some bowls for melting, and a mold.

Melt down equal parts of soap in two separate bowls, and then add the appropriate colors and oils. You can use any kind of mica powder or other skin-safe dye to create the desired effect in each bowl. Once you have one bowl of orange-scented soap colored orange and one bowl of cinnamon-scented soap colored brown, you can start pouring each soap into your mold. Alternate the soaps to create a natural swirl pattern before leaving them to harden into bars.

Jelly Snowflake Bars

We use the term bar loosely here because these aren’t liquid soaps, but they’re not traditional soap bars either. Jelly soaps resemble Jell-O, so they’re solid but wiggly. To create jelly snowflake bars, you’ll need a snowflake mold, blue-purple color-shifting mica powder, liquid castile soap, unflavored gelatin, and the aromatic oil of your choice. Many people choose traditional winter scents such as vanilla for soaps like this.

Spray some oil in your mold so the jelly soaps come out easily. Combine your liquid castile soap, mica powder, and scented oil, then prepare your gelatin and pour it into the soap mixture. Stir it well until everything is thoroughly combined, then pour it into your molds. Leave them in the refrigerator for a few hours before peeling them out and using them like any other soap.

Christmas Tree Soap Bars

Few symbols capture our holiday imaginations like a Christmas tree. You can take your imagination a step further and make Christmas tree soap bars this holiday season. All you’ll need is a white melting soap base, a Christmas tree mold, a woodsy aromatic oil, and a dark green color-shifting mica powder.

Melt your soap base in a microwave-safe bowl. Once it’s liquified, pour in some of the dark green color-shifting mica powder and stir. The color-shifting powder will make your trees look more dynamic and livelier. Add several drops of your chosen woodsy scent, such as cedar or pine, and stir again before pouring into the mold and letting it solidify.

These three holiday soap bar designs are great crafts you can make this winter for yourself or as gifts for other people. If you need any color-shifting mica powders for these projects or others, Eye Candy Pigments has a variety you can pick from. Browse our selection today!