3 Mistakes To Avoid When Making Paint From Pigment Powder

Apr 21, 2023

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Making Paint From Pigment Powder

Pigment powder is a versatile artistic supply that you can use in almost any project. One popular way many people like to use pigment powder is in making their own paint. Making your own paint allows you to customize the ingredients and the color. Whether you’re a professional or amateur artist, this is a great way to control your art.

However, making paint from pigment powder requires practice and patience. If you’ve never made paint before or have done so with poor results, there may be some mistakes you need to avoid making. The more you learn about these mistakes and about the paint creation process, the better you’ll do.

Not Grinding Your Pigment Powder

Pigment powder already comes as a powder, which is why many people don’t think they need to grind it first. However, pigment powder can clump during delivery, which makes it difficult to mix the powder with the binder evenly. Grinding your pigment powder with a glass muller is the best way to make sure your powder is ready for the binder.

Skipping the Dispersing Agent

Most people know that they have to include some type of binder when they make paint to turn the powder into a liquid. What they don’t consider is that they also need to use a dispersing agent. Both the binder and the dispersing agent are liquids, which is why many people think they need only one. However, they play different roles. The binder binds the paint together into a liquid and is often an oil or similar liquid. The dispersing agent helps the powder dissolve within that binder and prevents any future clumping problems. Water is a common dispersing agent, although there are other options, depending on your paint and canvas.

Only Rinsing Your Tools

Making paint isn’t just about the pigment powder and liquid agents involved. You need the right tools to do so, and you need to keep those tools at their best. One way to keep your tools in tip-top shape is to keep them clean. Many people think that all they need to do is rinse their painting tools, especially if they’re glass. However, washing these tools with warm water and mild soap makes sure that all remnants of your previous paint creation are gone, so your next creation process is truly a blank slate.

Avoiding these three mistakes when making paint from pigment powder doesn’t guarantee perfect paint creation every time. However, it will make your creation process easier. If you want to challenge yourself and start making your own paint, we can provide the best pigments for you. Our red pigment powder comes in various shades that are perfect for any project, including homemade paint.