3 Pearl Pigment Mistakes You Should Avoid

Aug 9, 2023
3 Pearl Pigment Mistakes You Should Avoid

Crafters are creative people, which means you’re always looking for new supplies to try. One fun supply we recommend to all crafters is pearl pigments. Pearl pigments appear white or translucent when you first look at them but change color and sparkle when light hits them at different angles. They can turn paint, resin, and paper crafts into a unique project.

However, before you start crafting with pearl pigments, there are three mistakes you should avoid. We explain them below so that you can have the best crafting experience.

Don’t Use Them As Paint Pigments

As mentioned above, pearl pigments focus more on surprise and shininess than rich color. You shouldn’t use them as the main colorant in paint or other types of projects. Instead, use pigment powder, dye, or another colorant. Add pearl pigments after you add the colorant so that your project has the color you want and a surprising shine effect.

Don’t Mix Pearl Pigments Into Paint With a Muller

Since pearl pigments don’t have much color, many people mix them into colored paint. This elevates their paint projects. Surprisingly sparkly paint is fun and unique, but you could lose that effect if you mix the pearl pigments into paint with a muller. Mullers grind pigments to create an even color. However, grinding pearl pigments can damage or destroy the metal oxide coating that makes them shiny. Mix your pearl pigments into your paint with an alternative tool, such as a spatula, instead.

Don’t Use Pearl Pigments Without Testing First

Preserving the pearl pigments’ shine is just as important as presenting it. As the crafter, you should know how the pearl pigment will show up in your craft. You should know how the slight color will interact with your colorant and what angle creates the most sparkle. Test your craft at the start of your project to learn these features. Then, you can finish the project with confidence.

The three mistakes you should avoid with pearl pigments are using them as a main colorant, mixing them with a muller, and skipping the test at the beginning of your project. If you can avoid these mistakes, your project should turn out great. Eye Candy Pigments offers a wide selection of pearl mica powder to add surprising shine and subtle color to your creative projects. You can order a single color that you love or a variety pack for plenty of options.