3 Reasons Why Your Epoxy Resin Is Not Hardening

Feb 24, 2023

Epoxy resin is a versatile creative medium that many artists use. You can use epoxy resin to make jewelry, tables, and small household items such as coasters. Despite this versatility that so many artists enjoy, epoxy resin beginners sometimes struggle with this medium, especially if it is not hardening. We list three reasons why your epoxy resin is not hardening below, so you can determine the problem and fix it in your next project.

Mixing Error

There are directions on most epoxy resin bottles that will help you measure and mix it correctly. However, epoxy resin is temperamental, so even minor mistakes during the measuring and mixing process can prevent your resin from properly hardening.

Therefore, make sure you’re measuring an exact 1:1 ratio with epoxy resin. When mixing the resin, pause to scrap your mixing utensil and the side of the epoxy resin container. This will make sure all the ingredients are fully incorporated and not clumping on the side where they won’t get mixed in.

Wrong Environment

If you’re sure you measured and mixed your resin correctly, then you may have left it to cure in the wrong environment. Epoxy resin will harden best in a room that holds a temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It will harden faster in warmer environments and slower in colder environments, but the average curing time is 12–14 hours.

Make sure to leave your resin project in a place with a controlled ideal temperature and minimum activity. You can also consider covering your resin project to prevent disruption.

Wet Inclusions

Another reason your epoxy resin is not hardening is that you added a wet inclusion. Adding more liquid to your epoxy resin mixture, such as a liquid dye, can change its volume and ratio. When the volume changes, it can take longer to cure. It may also cure improperly, since there’s not enough hardening agent for both the resin and the additional wet inclusion.

Fortunately, there are many non-liquid ways you can make your resin art more interesting, such as adding mica powder. Powders allow you to customize your resin projects without disrupting the hardening process.

The next time you use epoxy resin, make sure to measure and mix exactly, choose a good environment for curing, and only add dry inclusions. If you’re looking for dry inclusions, Eye Candy Pigments can help! We sell a wide array of mica powders, including black mica powder. Our pigmented powders provide safe, beautiful colors for any creative project.