3 Thanksgiving Crafts You Can Do With Mica Powder

Oct 2, 2022

As we get closer to the holiday season, it’s fun to think about creative ways to celebrate. When it comes to Thanksgiving, many of us only think about celebrating with food. However, there are some great Thanksgiving crafts you can do with mica powder that will give you a fun opportunity to celebrate and show off your artistic skills.

Wine Bottle Centerpieces

You’ve probably enjoyed a few bottles of wine this year, and if you were smart and kept them around, you already have the main items you need for this craft. In addition to wine bottles, you’ll also need paint, mica powder, color flakes, a marker, ribbon, a paintbrush, a mixing bowl, and a mixing utensil.

Start by cleaning your wine bottles and removing the label. Soaking the bottle in warm soapy water should make the label soft enough to peel or scrub off. Once the bottle is clean and you’ve removed the label, dry it off. You should leave it to air dry overnight if possible so that you can turn the bottle any way you want during the painting process and not worry about water dripping out.

If desired, you can lay protective paper or cloth over your work surface, but it’s not required as long as you’re careful with the paint. You can use pre-colored paint or buy white paint and create custom colors using the mica powder of your choice. Even if you use pre-colored paint, adding mica powder to this paint will give it an interesting shimmer that the guests around your table will love.

Pour the paint into your mixing bowl, add mica powder, and mix thoroughly. You can add color flakes now or save them for later; they’ll provide extra shine that looks great in dinnertime candlelight. Once your paint is the desired color, dip your brush in it and begin painting your wine bottles. Paint at least two coats onto the bottle to completely cover the surface. If you didn’t mix the color flakes into the paint, sprinkle them onto the wet surface now. You can cover the wine bottle entirely or apply them in specific areas.

Leave the bottles to dry overnight. Once they’re dry, use the marker to personalize them. You can write “thanks” on one bottle and “giving” on another, or choose something more personal, such as your family’s last name and the date.

Autumn-Scented Candle

Scented candles provide a room with ambiance, and holidays are the perfect time to embrace that ambiance. While cooking your Thanksgiving meal will no doubt fill your home with a delicious scent, sometimes you want to cover cooking smells with something more elegant. You can light a store-bought autumn-scented candle at this time, or you can plan ahead and make your own candle for this special occasion.

Candle making is simple, but it does take a certain amount of supplies and patience. You’ll need to find a wax base, ideally made from natural waxes that are safer for burning, as well as fragrance oils of your choosing, wax-safe colorants, mica powder, color flakes, and other additives like dried herbs. For assembly, you’ll need a melting bowl, stirring utensil, candle container, and wick.

To melt the wax, you’ll need either a microwave-safe bowl or a stove-safe pot. Microwaving the wax is faster, but it’s easier to supervise the melting process on the stove. Once you’ve melted your wax, you can start adding other ingredients. You can measure these ingredients or continue adding them until you’re satisfied. However, measuring will give you the opportunity to re-create this candle perfectly in the future.

Start by adding several drops of your fragrance oil. Popular fragrances for the fall are cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, marshmallow, apple, sandalwood, and cedar, though you can choose any scent you want. Add several drops of wax-safe dye, as well as a teaspoon of mica powder and some color flakes. Bear in mind that if you want to concentrate the mica powder and color flakes at the top of the candle, you should add them later. Stir until the candle wax and other ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Pour a small drop of wax into the bottle of your container to attach the wick. Allow the wax to semi-harden so that it keeps the wick in place, then pour the rest of your wax into the container. If the wick tries to move, wrap the top of the wick around a pencil or stick and secure it in an upright position until the entire candle has hardened. Let the candle sit for at least 24 hours or until it’s fully hardened.

If you didn’t add your mica powder and color flakes before, you can add them to the top of the candle once it’s hardened. This gives a customized look and allows you to put an extra pop of color at the very top of the candle. All you need to do is apply the mica powder and color flakes with your finger or a brush to the top of the candle. You can light the candle immediately after adding this special addition or wait for a later date.

Leaf Jewelry

Dressing the part for Thanksgiving can be difficult if you don’t want to show up in a turkey costume, but leaf jewelry can help. You can buy these items, but seasonal jewelry often costs more, and it can be hard to find exactly what you want. Making your own jewelry is the best way to channel the spirit of the holiday and show up in style.

Buy epoxy resin, a leaf-shaped jewelry mold, mica powder, color flakes, a heat gun, and protective gear like a face mask. If you’re working in a well-ventilated space, you may not need the face mask, but it’s still highly recommended, as are gloves.

Mix the epoxy resin as instructed, then add your desired amount of mica powder. You can add color flakes at this time to incorporate their shine into the jewelry or add them later. Once the epoxy resin is the color you want, you can pour it into your jewelry mold. You can add the color flakes now if you didn’t add them earlier. Use a heat gun to get rid of any air bubbles, then leave the jewelry to cure for at least 24 hours. You can then attach it to any chain you want and wear it on Thanksgiving.

These three Thanksgiving crafts you can do with mica powder give you the opportunity to make a fun custom craft that celebrates a great fall holiday. If you’re in need of mica powder or color flakes for any of these projects, check out Eye Candy Pigments. We sell various options that you’re sure to love. Mica powder and color flakes make great additions to other seasonal and year-round crafts, so they’re a great investment to make at any time of year.

3 Thanksgiving Crafts You Can Do With Mica Powder