3 Things You Should Never Use for Making Candles

People are learning how to do and make all types of things themselves, from baking their own bread to making their own candles. These hobbies can also be a great side hustle and a way to spend time doing something fun. Regardless of why you’re making candles, you must know these three things you should never use during the candle-making process to keep yourself safe and create the best candles possible.

Microwave-Safe Containers

There’s nothing wrong with microwave-safe containers. It’s attempting to make candles in the microwave; that’s the issue. While you can melt wax in the microwave, theoretically, this isn’t the best melting option. Melting wax in the microwave doesn’t let you keep a close eye on the wax’s temperature, which you need to do if you want to add colorants, such as mica powder, and fragrance oils. Save your microwave-safe containers for cooking and other projects, not candle-making.

Plastic Decorations

You may want to add fun decorations to your candles to give them a unique look, especially if you’re hoping to sell them. However, some decorative items, such as plastic decorations, aren’t safe to put into hot wax. Small charms, beads, and fake jewels sound like a great addition to candles, but if they’re made of plastic, they can melt or cause the flame to burst during the burning process. Consider nonflammable, organic decoration options such as color-changing powders, non-plastic glitter, and dried florals.

Untested Candle Holders

After melting your candle down safely and adding decorations that won’t melt or cause fire hazards, pour your liquid into a holder or mold so it can harden into an actual candle. Some creatives want to reuse plastic, wooden, or glass containers lying around their house. While recycling is great, you should never pour hot melted wax into plastic, wooden, or untempered glass containers. It can melt, burn, or shatter these holders. If a holder wasn’t designed for candles or other hot objects, don’t use it for your candle. Find designated candle holders or reuse holders from other candles, so you know they’re safe.

You should never use these things for making candles if you want to make them properly and keep yourself safe. Despite these limitations, you can use plenty of supplies during the candle-making process, such as ghost mica powder. Thoroughly stir mica powders into your melted wax to ensure they’re fully combined and won’t clog your wick. You’ll see beautiful colors when you burn them.