4 Innovative Art Supplies To Add to Your Studio Collection

Sep 4, 2023
4 Innovative Art Supplies To Add to Your Studio Collection

Both new and experienced artists have their favorite art supplies and tools. We love using them to create art pieces we’re passionate about. However, some of the fun of art is challenging yourself and trying new things. Trying new supplies is one way to do that. You can add any of the following four innovative art supplies to your studio collection to challenge yourself creatively.

Unique Textured Palette Knives

Palette knives are multipurpose, although most artists use them either for painting or cutting clay. No matter how you use them, you probably choose thin palette knives with straight edges. Challenge yourself with unique textured palette knives that can create designs and textures in your chosen artistic medium. You can buy single pieces as a slow introduction or jump in and try entire sets.

Paint Markers

If you love painting but want to circumvent the mess, then you can try out paint markers. Paint markers offer the same bright colors as traditional paints, but they come neatly out of a pen-like end for a mess-free application. Most paint markers are water-based and will look great on both porous and non-porous surfaces, so you can use them wherever you want. You can also find paint markers with a matte or glossy finish.

Glass Paint Palette

For those who want to keep their traditional paints but want a better way to mix them, consider adding a glass paint palette to your studio. Many paint palettes are plastic or wood. When paints dry on these surfaces, it’s difficult to remove and clean them. Some artists reuse their palettes over and over until there’s a mountain of paint to scrape off. You can avoid this procrastination and work with a clean glass paint palette instead. A glass scraper will help you easily remove dried paint, and you can even pop them in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.

Color-Shifting Pigment Powder

The last innovative art supply to add to your studio collection is color-shifting pigment powder. Instead of buying paint or pigments in a single color, invest in color-shifting pigment powder. This powder seemingly changes color as lighting and angles change, giving your art a holographic appearance. Since it’s a powder, you can mix it into almost any creative medium, from paint to clay to epoxy resin. No matter what type of art you make, you will love this art supply.

Expanding your studio collection with supplies and tools that challenge you as an artist is a great way to grow your skills. If you need color-shifting pigments to make that expansion, Eye Candy Pigments can help. Our collection of pigments will give your art a new life.