5 Mica Powder Techniques for Card Making

Apr 22, 2023

5 Mica Powder Techniques for Card Making

There are many creative and expressive artistic mediums that you can try, including card making. Many people like making cards because it isn’t just a creative expression; it also creates a gift. Your cards are something that other people can receive and enjoy just because or for special occasions. There are many different techniques for card making that you can try, but these five with mica powder guarantee beautiful color and shine.

Painting Cards With Mica Powder

It’s easy to mix mica powder into paint and use that custom paint for cards. There are several options for making this custom paint, from adding mica powder to a colored paint you already have to crafting your paint from scratch. If you choose the first option, you can expect additional sparkle in your paint but not as much of the mica’s color. Homemade paint takes longer to make but will have both the color and shine of the mica powder.

Stamping Cards With Mica Powder

Some people prefer to make cards with stamp art. You can do this in two different ways using mica powder. Firstly, you can apply clear ink to the stamp and then use a powder brush to spread the mica powder over the clear ink. Alternatively, you can use colored ink and brush the mica powder on top of it. Both options will add color and sparkle to your stamped card.

Spraying Cards With Mica Powder

Another mica powder technique for your card is to turn the mica powder into a sparkle spray. First, paint, stamp, or otherwise decorate your card however you see fit. Then pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle until it’s three-fourths full. Add half a teaspoon of mica powder, adjusting based on your desired sparkle level. Pour about half a teaspoon of clear drying glue into the bottle as well. Shake well, then spray this mixture over your card so the paper sparkles.

Stenciling Cards With Mica Powder

Stenciling on cards is like stamping. Simply apply a clear embossing ink onto the paper, using the stencil as your guide. You can use any stencil design you want. Remove the stencil and then brush or gently pour mica powder over the ink while it’s still wet. Allow the ink to dry into your intended design, then brush away the excess mica powder.

Freehand Card Art With Mica Powder

Lastly, some artists can create freehand art with clear ink pens or glue. Use your desired medium to freehand draw any design or words you want. If you’re using an ink pen, employ a brush to apply mica powder over the design. If you use glue, gently pour the mica powder over the design. Brush off the excess mica after the ink or glue has dried.

These five techniques for using mica powder in card-making offer you great options for creative freedom. If you need brown mica for your card making, Eye Candy Pigments has a range of beautiful bronze pigments for you to choose from.