5 Tips for Making Aesthetic Homemade Bath Bombs

Dec 21, 2022

Bath bombs are a great way to bring some joy and relaxation into your life. Unfortunately, the high-quality, aesthetically pleasing ones can cost a lot of money, which means you can’t use them as often as you’d like. Many people are starting to make their own homemade bath bombs to remedy this situation. Keep reading to get five tips for making aesthetic ones to rival the ones you see in stores.

Sift Dry Ingredients

Bath bombs require a laundry list of dry ingredients, such as citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and more. Most bath bomb recipes tell you to dump these dry ingredients in a bowl and start mixing. However, if you want to prevent clumping and you’re using a powdered colorant, like mica powder, sifting your dry ingredients first is a good idea. Sifting them helps prevent clumping and will spread your powdered colorant better throughout your mix so that you’ll have a beautiful ball ready for the tub.

Use Bright Colors

If you want your bath bomb to look good while it dissolves, you should use a bright color. While most people focus on using soothing scents, the colors are what make them aesthetically pleasing. Choose a bright color that will show up well when it starts to dissolve. Most people choose warm colors to contrast the clear blue water, but you can use darker blues or greens if you want.

Add Something Special

Truly beautiful bath bombs aren’t just useful ingredients and color. They have something special. Many people add dried florals, like lavender, but if you want to break the mold, you can add chameleon flakes. These flakes are non-toxic and skin-safe and will make your bath shimmer and shine while you’re in it. Kids and adults alike will love this special touch.

Set a Timer

To create the perfect spherical bath bomb, you’ll need to use a mold. If you don’t leave your bomb in the mold long enough, it’ll either come out with a flat bottom or crumble before you can get it in the bath. Set a timer for 15–20 minutes to make sure your bomb stays in the mold long enough to stick together and stay that way.

Start Over When Necessary

Sometimes your bath bomb isn’t going to look perfect or even pretty. Learning how to make bath bombs takes time and patience, which means you’ll make some ugly ones along the way. If you’re committed to making that aesthetic design, you may have to start over a few times until you create a design that you’re proud of. That’s OK. Everyone starts somewhere when learning a new skill, including making bath bombs.

These five tips for making aesthetic homemade bath bombs will help you create something beautiful, fun, and useful, even if it takes a few attempts. If you’re interested in buying the mica powder or chameleon flakes we mentioned to make a bath bomb with the perfect color and shine, we can help. Our powder and flakes are skin-safe and non-toxic, and they make the perfect addition to bath bombs and other creative projects.