5 Unique Ways To Use Color-Shifting Mica Powder

Apr 8, 2022

Color-shifting mica powder is fascinating because the color seems to change depending on the lighting and angle. This product is perfect if you plan on making makeup products, a collection of resin objects, or have another project in mind. We’ve listed five unique ways to use color-shifting mica powder to help you gather some inspiration!

What Is Color-Shifting Mica Powder?

This type of mica powder stands out because of its unique ability to change color. Many artists love using this because you get the best of both worlds and create something with a multichrome finish. There’s no denying that this gives everything you make a dramatic look that’s sure to catch the eye.

These pigments include a blend of two or three different colors, leading to that changing effect as you view it from different angles. Many creative experts advise using this pigment over a black base for the best results.

Five Creative Projects for Color-Shifting Mica Powder

The best thing about mica pigment powders is their limitless use. Best yet, if you use a mica pigment powder that’s safe on the skin, you can create cosmetic products or work on a crafting project. Five unique ways to use color-shifting mica powder include using it when making or working with:

  • Soaps: easily brighten up the soap bars you make.
  • Makeup pallets: make some two-toned eyeshadow that’s sure to stand out.
  • Resin: liven up resin creations by adding this to a black mold.
  • Vehicle paint: apply a back base to your car, then overlap with this mica powder.
  • Polymer clay: add color-shifting mica to some black clay.

All types of artists love color-shift pigments because it adds a unique factor that you couldn’t achieve with another artistic material, and art is all about standing out!

Color-Shifting Powder and Makeup

This is a great material to use if you plan on creating a makeup line because it gives your products a unique flair that buyers love. Many working in the cosmetic industry also blend color-shifting mica powder with a black-based nail polish!

Tips for Buying Color Shifting Mica Powder

As you shop around for color-shifting mica powder, you should buy a product that’s quality so that your projects turn out perfect. Eye Candy Pigments sells various options of color-shifting pigment.

This material will make all of your art projects stand out. As you use this unique product, remember to first apply a black base to make that color-changing ability pop. It’s time to level up your creative game!