Common Mistakes When Making Fishing Lures With Mica Powder

Nov 8, 2022

Many people who enjoy fishing discover they like custom supplies. Custom supplies are expensive, leading to many people learning how to create supplies themselves. Fishing lures are among the most common supplies anglers DIY. You can make wooden or soft plastic fishing lures with mica powder to create something uniquely colorful that will attract the right fish. Keep reading to learn about some common mistakes that could happen when making lures so you can do your best to avoid them.

Skipping a Paint Stand

All lures have multiple sides, which means you’ll need to paint or apply mica powder to both sides for a symmetrical look. While you can lay your lures flat on a table, it takes time to paint one side, leave it to dry, and then turn it over to paint the other side. To avoid messing up the fresh paint on the first side, you can invest in a stand that will hold the lure still while you paint the other side. While some people do successfully decorate their lures without a stand, many find them extremely helpful. Many fishers use paint stands to get better results while painting one side after the other.

Painting Too Thick

Wooden lures are more absorbent than plastic ones, so it’s difficult to apply a lot of paint. Soft plastic lures are easy to paint, but you should still be careful during the painting process. Use a small brush to get into the details without applying too much paint to the flat areas. You can also use a second brush dipped in water to thin and spread paint and mica powder so they’re not too thick. If your paint or mica powder concoction is too thick, it can run off when you do the clear dip, which will blur your colors and hurt the coating.

Forgetting To Waterproof

Buying the right supplies and making lures takes money and time. If you want to see a good return on your investment, then you need to make sure your lures last as long as possible. The best way to make sure your wooden lures last is to waterproof them. While one fishing trip shouldn’t completely ruin wooden lures you forgot to waterproof, they won’t last nearly as long or look as good as waterproofed ones. Take a few extra minutes to waterproof your wooden lures so you can use them as long as you want.

You may encounter these common mistakes when making fishing lures with mica powder or making fishing lures in general. They’re not easy to make, but many people enjoy the creative process and the opportunity to customize supplies. If you want to use mica powder the next time you make fishing lures, consider using our red mica color. We have a variety of reds available that should help you attract the fish you want.