Create a Metallic Finish on Your Furniture Using Mica Powder

Jan 26, 2023

There are many creative ways to spend your time, including learning how to finish and stain furniture. Many people enjoy working with furniture because they can give it a new life and help it find a new home. One easy way to give a wooden piece of furniture new life is to create a metallic finish using mica powder. Your furniture or the furniture you’re selling will look beautiful and unique with this finish. Keep reading to learn more about finishing furniture and using mica powder to do so.

First Steps of Finishing Furniture

Before adding color to your furniture piece, you must prepare the wood. The first step of the finishing process is sanding the furniture down. This prepares the surface for that finish you want to add. Apply oil after sanding to rehydrate the wood and bring out the wood’s natural grain, which will show through lighter finishes. Allow it to dry for at least one hour, and then wipe off any excess oil. Let it dry for another 24 hours before sanding it with fine sandpaper or steel wool. This creates an even surface for your colorful finish.

Creating Your Finish

After thoroughly preparing your furniture, you can create a metallic finish using mica powder and beeswax. The best way to create an even finish is to pour some of your wax onto a flat surface and then pour some mica powder onto the wax. Mix thoroughly with a chip brush, adding more mica powder as needed to create the desired metallic shine and color. Make sure to work in a well-lit space to see the color clearly.

The piece of furniture will need a wax coat before it’s ready to return to your home or go to a new home. You can make enough colorful finish to cover the piece entirely, or you can apply the color in sections. If you plan to apply the finish in sections, you’ll need to apply clear wax to the uncolored sections of your furniture.

Finishing Your Furniture

Apply your colorful wax and plain wax to your furniture. Make sure the coat is even, and add wax to any detailing. If the color appears dull on your furniture, you can apply more mica powder with a makeup brush directly onto the waxed surface. Just make sure to apply the powder carefully if you only want the color in specific spots. Allow the wax to dry until it loses its shine. Use a clean, dry cloth to buff the furniture until it’s shiny again.

Whether you’re trying to upgrade your furniture or give the furniture a new life to sell, adding a metallic finish can create a visually appealing design that pleases everyone. If you need a mica powder supplier so you can start making these finishes, Eye Candy Pigments is happy to help you.