Gift Ideas That Will Impress the Crafter in Your Life

Oct 27, 2022

As the months get colder and we reach the end of the year, people start looking forward to the holidays and all the fun they entail. Giving and receiving gifts is one of the best parts of many holiday traditions. Still, a lot of forethought is required to find the perfect present, especially if the person you’re shopping for has a specific hobby such as crafting. Keep reading to get some gift ideas that will impress the crafter in your life so you’re ready for the holidays.

Organization Options

Many artistic people struggle with organization. Even if they manage to keep their supplies organized, often, they buy more supplies than they need, which can cause overflow. Give them plenty of room to spread out with the gift of organization.

For crafters with various supplies, consider gifting them some organizing drawers. Try to peak in their craft room or whatever area they use to craft first so you know which sizes to look for. If they tend to focus on sewing, gift them a sewing basket so they can keep their threads organized.

Craft Supplies

If you’d prefer to get the crafter in your life something more personal, then buy them craft supplies. They’ve probably already told you about their projects and what they like to use, so you can start searching for the right supplies on your next shopping trip. If they haven’t told you what supplies they like to use, try to start a conversation about it. Take note of the things that are running low, such as pencils or jars of mica powder. Use these notes as your guide to help them replace their supplies this holiday season.

Some crafters are picky and prefer to pick out their supplies themselves. In that case, either buy them a gift card to their favorite craft store or something a little more general, such as a crafting apron.

Subscription Boxes

To give a gift that keeps on giving, consider subscribing your loved one to a subscription box service. There are various craft subscription boxes you can sign them up for and pay for, so find one that meets their specific crafting fancy. Some boxes will come every month, and others are a one-time service. Consider their crafting needs and what they enjoy before picking out the best option. Have the first box shipped to your address so you can wrap it in time for the holidays.

Plenty of gift ideas that will impress the crafter in your life, but organizers, supplies, and subscription boxes are some of the best options. If you want to buy your loved one a specific supply, such as mica powder, we can help. Our copper mica makes a great addition to any crafter’s toolkit. We also offer other colors so you can get them exactly what they need.