Keep Crafting Organized: 4 Ways To Store Your Mica Powders

Oct 2, 2022

Crafting is a great way to spend your time and creatively express yourself. Unfortunately, if you want to craft successfully, you must keep your supplies organized, and organization isn’t nearly as much fun as crafting itself. If you’re struggling with organizing your mica powders and other craft supplies, we can help. Keep reading about four ways to store your mica powders and keep crafting organized.

Floating Magnetic Storage

If you live in a smaller home or apartment, you may not have as much room for your craft supplies as you’d like. Lack of space can lead to messy organization as you try to fit too many things in too small of a space. One solution to this problem is to make storage vertical. You can store mica powder and other products vertically by finding small jars with metal lids. Glue a magnet inside the metal lid and then attach it to a nearby magnetic surface, like the underside of a metal shelf. This will keep your powders and products organized and out of the way.

Drawer Organizers

Another excellent option for storage, especially if you don’t have metal surfaces, is using drawer organizers. Shoving too many containers of mica powder into a drawer will make it impossible to find the color you want when you need it, but drawer organizers can keep that from happening. You can buy traditional dresser drawer organizers at the store and fit them into the drawer of your crafting table or another nearby drawer, and then place your powders and products inside.

Pantry Containers

Drawer organizers aren’t the only organization option we can take from another room in the house and use for crafting. Clear pantry organizers are a great way to store pigment powders and other crafting supplies, especially if you have multiple containers of the same color that you want to condense. Pour your powder into a pantry organizer or stack multiple containers of similar colors inside a pantry container, label the container, and store it away on a shelf.

Spice Rack

Another organization hack we can borrow from the kitchen for crafting supply storage is a spice rack. This will work best if you have small containers of mica powder or other supplies like buttons and needles. Depending on the size of the spice rack, you may have to put your supplies into different containers designed to fit the rack, but the extra work is worth it because you’ll be able to reach whatever supply you need easily.

Four ways you can store your mica powders are floating magnetic storage, drawer organizers, pantry containers, and a spice rack. If you need to add to your mica powder and crafting supply collection, Eye Candy Pigments can help. We have a great selection of bronze mica powder and other colors you’re sure to love.