Mica Powder and Polymer Clay: A Perfect Pair for Jewelry

Nov 5, 2023
Mica Powder and Polymer Clay: A Perfect Pair for Jewelry

One of the most common materials to make custom jewelry with is polymer clay, which comes in various shades. Still, with only basic clay colors to choose from, many jewelry makers prefer to add more sparkle, shine, and color to their creations. As a jewelry designer or new hobbyist, you’ll enjoy the following read about the perfect pairing of mica powder and polymer clay for jewelry designs.

What Is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a modeling clay made of resin and other synthetics that hardens after baking or firing. Many artists prefer it to natural clay since it’s easier to work with. For jewelry making, its ease of use and ability to harden make the material perfect for basic and more intricate pieces alike.

The Perfect Pair for Jewelry: Mica Powder and Polymer Clay

Mica powder pigments come in an array of beautiful colors and easily enhance jewelry with a metallic shine you can’t get from other pigments. Remember that although some pigments go on a clay piece after baking, you should incorporate mica pigments into your polymer clay before firing or baking your jewelry. This is because polymer clay is slightly sticky before baking, helping the mica powder adhere.

How To Add Mica Powder to Polymer Clay Jewelry

Let’s look at a few different ways to apply mica powder before baking:

  1. Mix some pigment with an acrylic glaze and brush the colored glaze onto the jewelry. This will add a beautiful shine to your polymer clay jewelry.
  2. If you have a pattern on your jewelry, brushing mica powder over the design helps reveal it more. Again, mix mica with glaze or acrylic paint and softly brush it over the textured area.
  3. Add mica powder to a spray bottle with water and spray the color onto your homemade jewelry.
  4. Mix some mica pigment into your clay before making your jewelry, and you’ll get a cool effect.

Adding mica powder to your polymer clay jewelry creations is a quick way to get the results you envision. Eye Candy Pigments offers every color you need, including red mica, to add to your holiday jewelry-making arsenal this year. Browse our colored pigments, and contact us with any questions you may have.