Mica Powder vs. Pigment Powder: What’s the Difference?

Apr 8, 2022

When buying art supplies, every medium is different. Like acrylic and oil paint aren’t the same, nor are mica powder and pigment powder. Noting the differences between mica and pigment powder is essential since it could affect the outcome of the project you create. Dive deeper into the topic of mica powder vs. pigment powder and discover what’s the difference between the two materials.

Defining Mica Powder

Mica powder is a natural material found on Earth, and because of this, it’s safe to use on the skin. That’s what many makeup companies like about it. Additionally, mica powder adds plenty of sparkles and shine to a product! Before using mica powder, it’s important to note that it’s translucent, so you’ll need to bind it with another material, such as paint or a pigment.


Many artists like mica powder because of its wide range of uses. It’s perfect for creating a new makeup pallet, but you can also bind it with paint to add a unique touch to your next creation.

Defining Pigment Powder

Pigment powder differs from mica powder for several reasons. The first material feels much chalkier than mica powder. Secondly, pigment powder is synthetic, so it isn’t always the best choice for skin products; you need to check if it’s FDA-approved before applying it. The final reason pigment powder stands out is because it’s much more vibrant than mica powder, but it’s matte.

Many artists also love using pigment powders because they come in a wide array of colors, adding the perfect touch to any creative project. These colors also come in various shades. This is especially helpful when you need to select the perfect color for the creation you have in mind.

Which Product Is Best?

When it comes to mica powder vs. pigment powder and finding out what’s the difference between both, it’s important also to understand which is best to use—a blend of both!

With mica pigment powders, you’ll get a vibrant look plus some shimmer. Mica pigment powders also work great for painting, resin, and even woodworking projects. If you need a product that’s safe on the skin, remember to look for an FDA-approved mica pigment powder so that you can create the best makeup, soaps, and other cosmetic products.

Buying Mica Pigment Powder

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