Must-Have Tools for Your Next Epoxy Resin Project

Jan 4, 2023

Epoxy resin is a versatile creative medium that many artists use at least once. If you’ve already made at least one epoxy resin project, then you have some idea of the basic tools you need. However, there are other must-have tools that you might not have used the first time that you need for your next epoxy resin project. Keep reading to learn more about these necessary tools.

Respirator Mask

Most epoxy resin instructions tell you to work in a well-ventilated area, since epoxy resin creates strong fumes. So many first-time users assume that if they work in a well-ventilated area, they don’t need to use a respirator mask while they work.

However, before you try another project, invest in a respirator mask. While other types of face masks, such as medical ones, can help prevent germs from entering your airway, they won’t block epoxy resin fumes. If this is an artistic medium you plan to use a lot, then you need a respirator.

Blow Torch or Heat Gun

You probably noticed some bubbles in your last epoxy resin project. Some people like the unique quality these bubbles add to their art, but some don’t. Unlike with baking, taping your art mold doesn’t get rid of the bubbles.

You need heat to properly pop them, so many people either use a blow torch or a heat gun to do so. Blow torches and heat guns provide the focused heat you need to pop those annoying bubbles without overheating your workspace. If you plan to use epoxy resin a lot, then you need to invest in one or the other and learn all the safety precautions involved with using one.

Pigment Powder

Liquid epoxy resin colorants do work, but adding more liquid to epoxy resin can add volume and throw off consistency. Instead, pigment powder is a must-have tool that the epoxy resin can absorb, solving this problem for you and making your next epoxy resin project easier.

Some of the must-have tools you may not have considered for your last resin project are a respirator mask, blow torch, and pigment powder. While you can continue to create epoxy resin projects without these tools, you’ll have a higher success rate if you invest in them now.

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