Pigment Powder vs. Paint: Why Pigment Powder Is Better

May 2, 2023
Pigment Powder vs. Paint: Why Pigment Powder Is Better

No matter how experienced you are as an artist, you never fully adjust to all the art supplies on the market. Various companies continue to produce new products every year, which means you must face the difficult task of choosing between them. Luckily, some products stand out from the crowd because they offer more benefits than others. Pigment powder vs. paint is a classic example of this. There are many reasons why pigment powder is better than paint, and we explain them below.

Pigment Powder Allows for More Control

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on a tube or can of paint? Many of them include chemicals that only experienced chemists can understand or pronounce. If you can’t understand this confusing list, you don’t really know what ingredients are going into your artwork. This means you don’t have total control over your art.

Pigment powders don’t have this problem. Most pigments, especially those made with mica, are natural and have few or no added chemicals. Without that confusing ingredients list to worry about, you now have more control over what ingredients are in your art.

Powder Is More Versatile Than Paint

In addition to allowing for better ingredient control, pigment powders also offer more versatility than paint. The only thing that paint can do is paint. While you can paint many items, from traditional canvases to brick walls, paint is still only paint.

Since pigment powder is a powder, you can add it to almost any medium or use it on its own. This allows for great versatility in your art projects. You can use it to make paint, but you can also mix it into epoxy resin, dry brush it as a furniture stain, pour it into a homemade snow globe, and more. The opportunities are endless.

More Versatility = More Savings

Using pigment powder in so many ways can save you money on art supplies. Instead of buying different colorants for different projects, you can use pigment powder for almost anything. That means you only have to buy a pigment powder once and use it over and over however you see fit.

Additionally, powders have a longer shelf life than paints since they’re already dry, so you won’t have to replace them as often. Cutting down on replacement costs will save you money that you can put back into your art.

When comparing pigment powder and paint, it becomes clear why pigment powder is better. If you want to invest in pigment powders for your next creative project, Eye Candy Pigments can help. Our copper pigment powder comes in various shades, so you can always find the exact color you’re looking for.