Supplies You Need To Start Making Resin Art

Jul 26, 2022

Resin art is a beautiful way to express yourself, but it uses a medium that many people don’t quite know how to use. If you’ve seen resin art online and want to get started, but don’t know what you need, we can help. Keep reading to learn about the supplies you need to start making resin art.

Protective Supplies

While resin is a fascinating medium and you can use it to make beautiful art, you have to protect yourself and your surroundings when using it. You need to work in a well-ventilated area or use a respiratory mask when pouring and mixing epoxy resin. You’ll also need to wear gloves. Wear old clothes or wear an apron to protect your clothes. To protect the area where you’re working, put down protective cloth or paper.

Creative Supplies

Once you and your area are protected, you can get started. You’ll need epoxy resin, measuring cups, a mixing container, something to mix with like a popsicle stick, a colorant like mica powder, the mold of your choice, a heat torch, toothpicks, and something to cover the molds. Make sure you choose a mixing container that can fit all the epoxy resin and has room to stir. Clean and dry your mold before using it, and if you’re leaving the resin art in a well-ventilated area, you should cover it with some kind of dust cover so it can cure properly.

Art Tutorial

Prepare yourself and your work area with the protective supplies we listed above. Then lay out your clean and dry mold and other creative supplies. Pour out the epoxy resin according to the package instructions and mix accordingly. Add the color of your choice and other safe additions for embellishment. Pour the resin into your mold. You can use a toothpick to place or move additional embellishments or make sure the resin and color are properly spread through the mold. Use the heat gun to get rid of any bubbles before leaving the resin in the mold to cure. Once it’s properly cured, you can remove it and display your art.

There are lots of supplies you’ll need to start making resin art, but once you assemble them, the creative process is easy. If you’re currently collecting the necessary supplies for resin art and need pigment powder for epoxy resin, we have lots of options you can choose from.