The Difference Between Powder Pigments and Liquid Pigments

Mar 29, 2023

The biggest and most obvious difference between powder pigments and liquid pigments is in the name—one is a powder, and the other is a liquid. These different types of matter have additional differences once you open and use them. The most common application for both pigments is coloring epoxy resin. However, most powder pigments and liquid pigments can also color other mediums, such as paint. The differences we describe below also apply to these other mediums.

Long vs. Short Shelf Life

One of the most important differences between these two colorants is how long they’ll last once you open them. Powder pigments have a much longer shelf life than liquid pigments since they’re already dry. Liquid pigments can dry out over time.

Storing both in airtight containers will help both last longer. However, if you place each one in the same type of container and use it the same amount of times, you’ll still notice that the powder lasts longer. This makes pigment powders a better financial investment as well since you won’t need to replace them as often.

Multiuse vs. Single Use

In addition to lasting longer, powder pigments also save you money with their versatility. Most crafters use this material to color their epoxy resin or a similar medium, but you can use it in many other ways. Safe, non-toxic powder pigments can add color and shine to various household items, such as candles, soap, and even polymer clay for crafts. This means you can save money and buy one colorant that has multiple uses.

In contrast, most liquid pigments only work in other liquid mediums, such as epoxy resin and paint. You can use this resin and paint in many ways, from crafting household items like coasters to customizing terrain paint for a miniature scene. However, liquid pigments themselves aren’t as versatile as powder pigments.

Depth vs. Plain Color

Both substances will add beautiful color to your epoxy resin or other creative mediums. However, the type of color they provide is different. With pigment powder, especially pigment powder containing mica or metallics, you can expect a greater depth to the color you create. You’ll need to mix the powder carefully into your chosen medium, scraping the sides down so that it evenly distributes. Once you do so, you can expect brilliant color.

Liquid pigments provide a more traditional plain color. They mix into your epoxy resin much easier since they’re also liquid. However, they won’t add depth or additional features to your project. You can mix two liquid pigments to easily create a unique color, though. This will set your project apart.

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