The Most Common Uses of Mica Powder Today

Aug 9, 2022

People have known about mica for thousands of years. The first use of mica powder that we know of was during the Paleolithic era, when humans used it to color their cave paintings. Mica was also a common ingredient in early indigenous pottery. Today, we use mica in various ways. Keep reading to learn about the most common uses of mica powder and get inspired to use mica in your own life.

Arts and Crafts

Mica powder makes a great addition to many arts and crafts projects. You can add mica powder to paint or glue and apply it to almost any surface, such as a canvas or a glass jar, to make a glittery portrait or a shiny pencil holder. Some people like to add mica powder to homemade slime since it’s skin-safe and adds an incredible dimension to the squishy substance. Crafters of all ages love to use mica powder in their projects because it’s safe, non-toxic, natural, and cruelty-free.

Various Cosmetics

Since mica powder is non-toxic, many DIY beauticians like to put it in their homemade cosmetics. You can apply mica powder onto your eyelid for immediate eyeshadow or mix it with other ingredients for a pressed or cream eyeshadow. Some people add it to homemade lipstick or lip gloss to create a long-lasting shine. And others mix it with blush or apply it directly onto their cheekbones as a highlight. The cosmetic applications of mica powder are almost limitless.

Household Goods

For people who prefer to DIY their own household goods, mica is here to elevate candles, soap, and bath bombs. Mica powder provides safe shine wherever you place it. Some people mix it into candles during the creation process or spread it on top for a stylish finished product. When making hard soaps, people follow the same principle, either mixing it in as they make the soap base or brushing mica powder on the exterior when they’re done. And mica powder looks fantastic in bath bombs, offering skin-safe shimmer and shine.

Industrial Applications

While most people tend to use mica in the ways described above, mica is also an essential component of the plastic and electronic industries. Mica helps reinforce plastic and prevents other materials from sticking inside plastic molds, such as tires. The electronic industry uses sheets of mica as insulators in various products, such as heaters, and uses mica powder in decorative components in other products, such as ovens. So even if you don’t think you have any mica in your house yet, some may have some hiding right under your nose.

The most common uses of mica powder today are in arts and crafts, cosmetics, household goods, and the plastic and electronics industries. If you’re inspired to start using mica powder in various projects and need a mica powder supplier, Eye Candy Pigments offers an expansive collection of color options for you to choose from.