The Simple Way To Stain Your Furniture With Mica Powder

Oct 13, 2022

Building and restoring furniture is an underappreciated art form, especially when builders put extra finishing touches on their creations. If you want to make your furniture more artistic and add a special finishing touch, you should consider using mica powder. As a stain, mica powder creates a colorful metallic finish that looks beautiful on any piece of furniture. Keep reading to learn about the simple way to stain your furniture with mica powder.

Assemble Your Supplies

To stain your furniture, you’ll need the piece of furniture you want to stain, paint, brushes, wax, and mica powder. If the furniture is already painted, you won’t need to add any paint. If you haven’t painted it yet, then you should paint it before preparing the finish. A chip brush works best for the wax, and a makeup brush works best for the mica powder. You may also want a lint-free cloth for buffing mica powder off certain areas, depending on the design you have in mind.

Apply the Mica Powder Separately

Once your furniture is painted and dry, you can work on the mica powder stain. There are two ways to apply the stain: you can apply the mica powder separately or with the wax.

To apply the mica powder separately, you must apply the wax first. Pour some furniture-safe wax finish, such as a beeswax finish, onto a flat surface, like a paper plate. Dip your chip brush into the wax and brush it several times across another flat surface, such as a piece of cardboard. Brushing the waxed brush in this way makes sure the bristles are evenly coated and removes extra wax. Apply the wax to your furniture.

Allow the wax to partially dry. It should feel tacky to the touch when it’s ready for the mica powder finish. Dip your makeup brush into the mica powder and sweep the brush over your furniture wherever you want the mica powder to stick. Allow it to dry for several more minutes before buffing the powder off with a lint-free cloth.

Apply the Mica Powder With the Wax

Alternatively, you can mix the wax with the mica powder and apply it to the furniture with your chip brush. Pour the wax onto a flat surface like we mentioned above and pour some mica powder on top of it. Use the chip brush to mix the two together. Once they’re thoroughly combined, paint the colorful wax onto your furniture and allow it to dry.

The simple way to stain your furniture with mica powder is to apply the mica powder after the finishing wax or with it. Either technique will create a beautiful, colorful finish on your furniture. If you want a metallic finish such as bronze, use our bronze pigments. Eye Candy Pigments offers various bronze shades that are perfect for any creative project, including your furniture.