Tips for Choosing Resin Colors for Your Projects

May 19, 2022

Resin is a great canvas for creative projects, allowing you to make everything from jewelry to artwork and much more. Since resin is clear, it’s a blank canvas that you can color however you want to best fit your project. There are many different types of colorants on the market for resin, and it can be difficult to pick between them. Keep reading to learn some tips for choosing resin colors for your projects.

Mica Powder

Mica powder comes from the intense grinding of a natural stone mineral called mica, which has shiny flakes that contribute to the iconic shimmer of the powder. It comes in a variety of colors, but that shimmer is often the biggest selling point, making it a popular choice for jewelry. Since it’s natural, it’s also a great choice for cosmetics if you want to use it for projects without resin. Depending on your project and the amount of shine you’re looking for, mica powder can be a great colorant choice for your resin.

Color-Shifting Pigment

For a dramatic, holographic shimmer, choose color-shifting pigment for your next resin project. This pigment is ideal for artwork since the colors shift when you look at it in different types of lighting or from different angles, giving viewers a more dynamic art experience. It’s also a great choice for eye-catching jewelry, catching the light as you wear it and giving the impression of being many colors at once. Since mica is still the base of many of these pigments, they’re safe to use in products that don’t require resin as well, such as nail polish and homemade slime.

Pigment Pastes

If you’re looking for something highly pigmented to mix into your resin, consider pigment pastes. As a paste, they can be more richly and densely packed with color than powder and mix easily with epoxy resin. However, you have to make sure that the paste purity is ultra-fine to prevent color streaking. You’ll also have to use less ultra-fine pigment paste since the purity of the paste means you get more color while using less. This is a great choice for larger projects, such as making coasters or trays, as well as any other project that demands rich color.

These are just a few tips for choosing resin colors for your projects based on whether you want a subtle shimmer, dramatic holographic, or richly pigmented look in your finished product. If you’re looking for any of the materials we mentioned, including white metallic pigment that adds the perfect subtle shimmer to your project, look no further than Eye Candy Pigments. We have everything you need to start a project well, create the look you want, and finish strong.