Tips for Creating Colorful Bath Bombs With Mica Powder

Jun 27, 2023

Tips for Creating Colorful Bath Bombs With Mica Powder

Many people are starting to make their own beauty and bath products, including bath bombs. Making your own bath bombs is a great way to control their ingredients, scents, and colors. If you’re struggling to add beautiful color that won’t stain your bathtub or your skin, you can use mica powder. Mica powder is natural and safe, so you can use it in bath bombs as well as other homemade products. Keep reading to learn some tips for creating colorful bath bombs with mica powder.

Add Mica Powder to Dry Ingredients

The key to getting great color into your bath bombs is to add mica powder to the dry ingredients. Mixing the dry powder in with the other dry ingredients helps the color saturate better than if you were to add it to a wet mixture.

Understand That a Little Goes a Long Way

When using dry mica powder, remember that a little goes a long way. Measure about 1/8 of a teaspoon of mica powder to get started. Add this 1/8 to your ingredients and mix thoroughly. If the resulting mix isn’t colorful enough, you can always add more. Continue to add powder in small increments to achieve the desired color.

Use Extra Mica Powder To Decorate

Mixing mica powder into your bath bomb is the most common way to give it color. However, you can also use powder to decorate the outside of your bath bomb. Mix powder with isopropyl alcohol to create a safe paint that you can use on the outside of your bath bomb after it’s dry.

Creating colorful bath bombs with mica powder is a fun experience. These tips will help guarantee success during your creative endeavor. If you’re looking for mica powder, such as pearl mica powder, to use in your next bath bomb project, Eye Candy Pigments can help. Our powders are beautiful and safe for you to use in almost any creative project, including bath bombs!