Tips for Easily Cleaning Up Pigment Powder

May 17, 2022

Spills and messes are inevitable in life, especially with powdered products. All it takes is one mistake and you’ve got powder everywhere—your skin, your clothes, the table, the carpet. Pigment powder is one of the worst powders to spill since it’s so colorful, but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get the area clean. Keep reading to learn some tips for easily cleaning up pigment powder.

Cleaning Skin

Pigment powder is easy to clean off skin if you do so before it begins to stain. You can use a cleaning wipe or warm water and soap to clean the powder off your skin. Just make sure you don’t wipe the powder off your skin and spill it more or stain your sink. To avoid these problems, use the wipe over a trash can, or when washing your hands, keep the water running. If you notice the powder staining part of your sink, wipe it down while it’s still wet.

Washing Clothes

Pigment powder should come out of clothes if you take the right steps for washing them. First, shake or vacuum off extra powder, and then rinse the item in cool water. Immediately after rinsing, place the clothing into a washing machine. Set the washer to hot water and add detergent, allowing the washer to run for 10-15 minutes. Check to see if all the pigment is out before drying. If the pigment remains, use a clothing stain remover similar to what you would use to remove paint.

Wiping Tables

You should cover your table or work surface with a cloth you don’t mind getting stained or with disposable protection such as newsprint before using pigment powder. However, if the powder still manages to get on your table or a similar surface, you should be able to wipe it up with a cleaning wipe. You can also use soap and warm water and remove the powder without it leaving a stain. If a stain persists, use dish soap and warm water to more thoroughly scrub the area.

Scrubbing Carpet

Before using pigment powder, you should cover your work surface and floor space, such as carpet, with protective cloth or paper, since carpet is one of the hardest surfaces to remove pigment powder from. But if a spill happens, you should still be able to remove the powder from your carpet. First, vacuum up as much loose powder as you can. If you do so immediately, you may be able to remove it all before a significant stain forms. Regardless of the size or severity of the stain left behind, mix up a cleaning paste with baking powder and water and apply it to the stain. Vacuum this paste off once it has dried and blot any remaining stain with an alcohol-dipped sponge. Rinse the area with cool water and allow it to air dry. Clean any persistent stains with ammonia or a bleach-water mixture, rinsing the area with warm water afterward and drying with paper towels.

Powder pigment can be messy if it’s spilled, but if you follow these tips for easily cleaning up pigment powder, you’ll be okay. Despite the potential mess, these powders make a great addition to creative projects such as painting and jewelry making. If you’re looking for black powder pigment or other forms of powder such as color shift or glow in the dark, then we’ll be happy to supply them and help with your project. Just remember to prepare your artistic area to prevent these messes and react quickly if a mess happens anyway.