Tips for Mixing Pearlescent Powder Pigments

Mar 7, 2022

If you want to find a new product that makes your art projects look even more incredible, then you may want to try pearlescent powder pigments. Not only is it incredibly versatile, but it also has a unique effect that you'll love. But before you rush out and purchase anything, check out these tips for mixing pearlescent powder pigments. 

What Is Pearlescent Powder?

Pearlescent mica is a type of pigment powder that adds quite a bit of shimmer and a slightly iridescent appearance. Under the light, the color shifts slightly depending on your angle. This powder is also transparent, which adds to its ability to reflect light.

Some refer to this type of powder as "ghost mica powder" because of its color-changing effect and transparent appearance. You can use this mica powder to tint, darken, or brighten your project. The results depend on whether you mix it with a secondary pigment.

Tips for Mixing Pearlescent Powder

If you use pearlescent powder for a project, you’ll have to mix it with another material that acts as a medium.

For example, if you want to incorporate it into watercolor paint, you’ll have to mix four parts pearlescent powder with Gum Arabic. After that, you’ll need to add water until you get the desired consistency. A thinner mixture will usually be opaquer, while a thicker one will be less transparent. On the other hand, if you plan to mix it with resin, you could add 50 grams of pigment to your resin. Of course, this isn’t necessary, and you could mix in much less powder.

While there are some tips for mixing pearlescent powder pigments, there’s no perfect calculation. The amount you use depends on what you're mixing it with and how much you need. Every material is different. The amount you'll need also depends on whether you want an opaque appearance. As you mix your powder, remember that a little goes a long way when it comes to the many types of mica powder.

Common Uses of Pearlescent Powder

Like other types of mica powder, there are many ways to use pearlescent pigments. Using them in cosmetic products like makeup and lotion are among the most common application because they’re beautiful. However, you can also use this product in artistic projects like painting, pottery, nail polish, and more.

Eye Candy Pigments has pearlescent mica powder that you can use on any craft. We offer five colors to choose from and three different particle sizes for this type of powder. Whether you want to mix it with a secondary color or use it on its own depends on your creative vision. Your crafting options are endless with this product, so up your artistic game today.