What Exactly Does Interference Mica Powder Do?

Jul 25, 2022

The world of craft supplies is saturated with items that promise interesting shine and color. Perhaps the most intriguing of these offerings is interference mica powder. Promising shine along with a hidden colorful surprise, interference mica powder will make your next creative project both beautiful and fascinating to behold. But if you’ve never heard of or used this item before, you may be a little confused by this promise. Keep reading to learn what interference mica powder does, along with other helpful information about this amazing supply.

What Is Interference Mica Powder?

For those who’ve never heard of or used interference mica powder before, the promise we mentioned above is probably confusing. How does a power provide shine while hiding and revealing color? The secret is partially revealed by the name of the powder: mica. Mica is a natural silicate mineral found in various kinds of rocks, giving them a shiny appearance. When ground down, mica becomes a shiny powder that can sometimes retain color, although it’s often translucent without additional pigments.

If you coat mica in titanium dioxide, you can temporarily cover that initial shine so that the powder looks white at first glance. However, if you change the viewing or lighting angle, the shiny color underneath will be revealed. That color can be even more vivid if additional pigments have been added to the mica powder.

What Does Interference Mica Powder Do?

The main job of this powder is to provide shine and a colorful hidden surprise. That means interference mica powder is for you if you want a piece of jewelry to have a subtle shine or want to add a secret color to a painting. Unlike glow-in-the-dark powders, you don’t have to “charge” interference mica powder in the sun to unlock this shine or color. The mica was coated before you got it, so the job is already done. You just have to apply it however you want.

What Projects Can You Use Interference Mica Powder In?

You may hear this type of powder referred to as “pearlescent” instead of interference, but regardless of the name, the powder works the same. Our mica powders are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and safe, so you can use them in any project you can think of, from cosmetic and beauty products like bath bombs to woodworking and resin projects. If you plan to use this or any other type of mica powder on your skin, make sure to test it on a small area first to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

So what exactly does interference mica powder do? Simply put, it shines and reveals color. It does this thanks to the combination of mica, titanium dioxide, and in some cases, extra pigments. You can use it in almost any creative project. If you’re fascinated with pearlescent mica powder and want to use it in your next project, look through our collection. We offer 15 incredible colors that will dazzle anyone who looks at them.