What Is Black Pigment Powder: Properties, Tips, and Uses

Sep 12, 2022

The color black is often known as the sum of all colors, since you can make black with a combination of all visible colors, or the absence of all colors, since black doesn’t reflect light like other colors do. However you define it, black is a powerful and dramatic color that all kinds of artists like to use. If you’re hoping to use black pigment powder in an upcoming project and want to know more about its properties, tips, and uses, we can help you. Keep reading to learn more about this potent color.

Powerful Properties

You’ll find various shades of black pigment powder on the market, each designed to meet different artistic needs. In some cases, you’ll want an intense black. At other times, you may want a lighter black with gray or silver undertones. Pigment powder offers you all these options; you’re getting just the powder rather than anything diluted by paint or other substances. We make this powder with a combination of crushed up mica, which offers subtle shimmer and shine.

Helpful Tips

Whether you’re using black paint or pigment powder, you need to be careful. Black stains easily, so you need to use precautions and cover work surfaces and surrounding areas when using any black substance. Our black pigments are non-toxic, but you should wear gloves while working with them so you don’t stain your hands. Our last helpful tip is to remember that this strong color goes a long way, so use a little at a time until you get the desired effect.

Various Uses

You can use black pigment powder in almost any project imaginable. Many artists enjoy putting it in resin to create jewelry or coasters, as well as other creative projects. Some people use it in woodworking projects, although for the black color to have the desired effect, you need to use lighter shades of wood. For the adventurous makeup artist, black makes an incredible addition to lipstick and eyeshadow.

The properties, tips, and uses of black pigment powder allow you to get almost any shades of black to use in any way you like, although you should be careful when using this powerful color. If you need black pigment powder for your next project, Eye Candy Pigments offers a wide selection that gives you the opportunity to find the exact shade you’re looking for. Our pigments are safe, non-toxic, and cruelty free, so the only limit to their use is your imagination.