Why Glowing Fishing Lures Help Attract Fish

Aug 9, 2023
Why Glowing Fishing Lures Help Attract Fish

Fishing is a popular hobby, and every person who fishes has tips and tricks for success. Sometimes, these tricks are personal, such as a lucky hat or private fishing spot. Others feature favorite gear that anyone can access, such as glowing fishing lures. Glowing lures are controversial since some people swear they work wonders, while others disagree. Keep reading to learn why glowing fishing lures attract fish in certain circumstances.

Glowing Lures Mimic Natural Bioluminescence

Glowing fishing lures occasionally work because they mimic a natural phenomenon called bioluminescence. Various organisms, including fireflies and prey of fish, glow naturally. This ability comes from an internal chemical reaction. Fish know that some of their tastiest eats glow in the dark, so they will go for a glowing lure. However, any glowing lure will not do. The glow must come from a natural pattern the fish recognize.

Glowing Lures Work Best at Night or in Deep Water

Once you’ve bought or painted a glowing lure, you need to find an appropriate fishing location. The best circumstances for glowing lures are where creatures need bioluminescence. Many of these organisms are nocturnal, so they come out at night. They also tend to live in deep water and favor saltwater, but you will also see bioluminescent creatures and their predators in fresh water. If you want to try your new glowing lure, try fishing at night in deep saltwater.

Some Fishes Species Avoid Glowing Lures

While glowing lures can bring success in the circumstances we described, some fish species avoid them. For example, wild trout are very cautious in slow-moving water. They tend to avoid many types of bait, including glowing lures. Add a glowing lure to a sharp hook to catch a less picky species, such as salmon or bass.

Glowing fishing lures help to attract fish because they look like fish’s natural prey in certain conditions. If you want to paint custom glowing lures for your next fishing trip, try glow-in-the-dark paint powder. It lasts longer than liquid paint, so you can make lures that help you reel in many catches.