Why You Should Buy Pigments To Make Your Own Paint

Dec 7, 2022

Artists use various mediums to create their art, including pigments and paints. While you may think it’s easier to purchase paint than to buy pigments to make your own paint, there are many benefits to the latter method. Keep reading to learn more about why you should buy pigments.

Fewer Chemicals

Most paint is full of chemicals, fillers, and extenders that weaken the paint and force you to buy more than you would need without them. When you buy the pigments yourself, though, you have more control over what goes into your homemade paint. While pigments may already have some chemicals to help them stay shelf-stable, many are more natural than paint, such as mica pigment powder. If you want to use something safer and better than store-bought paint, you should get your own pigments.

Longer Shelf Life

As we mentioned above, some pigments may have a few additional chemicals to help them stay shelf-stable. However, even if you buy all-natural pigments, they’ll still last longer than paint. Paint will inevitably dry up if you leave it on the shelf too long, which means you’ll constantly need to replace your art supplies even when you don’t completely use them. Pigments last much longer, which means you can make one purchase that won’t require constant replacing. You’ll save money and won’t have to worry about running out of colors when you need them.

Better Customization

Some stores can mix custom paint colors for you, but that often requires you to buy a whole can, which you may not need. Even if you decide the can is worth it, you run the risk of it getting old and harder to work with before you can use it all. Instead of going through this complicated process, you can buy pigments instead. You can mix them to create a custom color before adding them to paint or do so after, which gives you more options for colors and the amount of paint you make. Just make sure you measure how much of each pigment you use so that you can recreate the color later if necessary.

You should buy pigments to make your own paint because pigments have fewer chemicals in them, last longer, and allow for more color customization options. Creative artists will also like that they can use pigments for more than coloring paint—you can use pigments in resin art, homemade makeup, and other kinds of crafts. If you need pastel pigment powder for paint or any of these projects, Eye Candy Pigments can help. Our pigments and pastes give you all the color options you need to create any art you want.