December 2023 Maker of the Month

Meet Jake Thompson

This December, we're delighted to spotlight Jake Thompson as our Maker of the Month on our website. A stalwart supporter since Eye Candy's inception, Jake began his journey in woodworking and crafts about 9 years ago as a stress-relieving hobby alongside his career in Corrections. His passion led him to start a YouTube Channel focused on woodworking, soon after diving into the craft.

Jake's exploration in crafting expanded when he discovered resin casting and woodturning, quickly becoming enamored with both. He now hosts "Saturday Morning Cartoons," a live show EVERY Saturday at 10:00am Central Time. The show offers an engaging platform to learn about resin casting in a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.

Eye Candy Pigments have been Jake's choice for his castings, drawn by the wide range of vibrant colors and exceptional customer service, underscoring the company's quality.

Moreover, Jake's innovation extends to designing unique silicone molds for Pen Blanks, Bottle Stoppers, and Handles. His experience and keen eye for improvement have led to the creation of some of the market's most distinctive molds, much to the delight of his fellow woodturning enthusiasts.

We cannot emphasize enough how much Jake has contributed to our community. We wholeheartedly encourage you to follow him, tune into his Saturday shows, and engage with his social media content. His journey with us at Eye Candy has been remarkable, and his ongoing support and creativity continue to inspire us all.

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