November 2023 Maker of the Month

Meet Michael Epps

Expert Wood Turner: Crafting Beyond the Lathe's Limitations.


From the humble beginnings in March 2019, Michael Epps embarked on a woodworking journey with nothing but knowledge gleaned from YouTube. With an insatiable thirst for crafting, Michael quickly honed his skills, turning raw wood into pieces of art that evoke admiration and awe. Today, he stands as a testament to self-driven learning and passion, having crafted a myriad of unique and intricate wooden items that hold stories of dedication and craftsmanship.

Woodturning remains Michael's primary forte. Among his favorite projects are bowls and hollow forms, each telling a tale of precision and dedication. The 'Piano Bowl' stands out as his most cherished creation, reflecting not just his skill but also his innovative spirit. Each turn of the lathe and chisel mark adds a note to the melody that this exceptional piece sings.

However, Michael's expertise isn't limited to just woodturning. Venturing into diverse projects, he has crafted exquisite tables, functional drawers, elegant coffee and end tables, and decorative wall mount plaques. One of his crowning achievements is the majestic 6’ 4” wall-hung mandala, a testament to his versatility and keen eye for design.

Michael finds joy in crafting unique, custom orders, ensuring that each piece he creates resonates with the visions and dreams of his clientele. Embracing variety, he believes in changing things up now and then. This not only broadens his skill set but also deepens his appreciation for each project's individuality and charm.

In a relatively short time, Michael Epps has carved a niche for himself in the woodworking community. His journey from a novice to a master craftsman is not just inspiring but also showcases the magic one can create with dedication, passion, and a bit of YouTube inspiration!

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