Slime Information

Who doesn't love slime? It's fun to play with no matter how old you are since nothing beats the feeling of squishing that goo. At Eye Candy, you can purchase a kit to create your slime. With our pigment powders, you can make your slime your favorite color, shimmery, or glow in the dark! Mix any of our pigments with your slime to see the actual color of our mica powders.

Below, we have a video series explaining the following slime information:

  • An introduction to slime
  • How to make your slime activator
  • How to activate and fix your slime
  • How to mix in pigment

Use these instructional videos to help you create the perfect slime. Many of our customers also use slime to test our powders and determine each color’s exact hue. Why risk wasting your mica powder to produce samples with resin or other products? Using pigment for slime won't waste as much product and still shows you how the color will look on a finished product.

Using slime to test our colors also saves time because you don't have to wait for the product to dry. Once you mix the pigment into the slime, you'll know the color's true look. Another reason people use slime to test colors is that it can last a lifetime—you only need to reactivate it when it loses its shape. Plus, using slime to see the actual appearance of a color is a cost-effective move that still gives you an ideal way to experiment with shades.

Shop at Eye Candy

Shop at Eye Candy to find the best mica for slime so you can craft beautiful DIY creations. We've partnered with Slimebardo to ensure you get the best quality slime to test your pigments. Please contact us if you have questions about our products after watching our slime information videos. We're always happy to assist our customers. You'll reach our team by calling 386-281-3463 or emailing