A Quick Guide for Using Mica Powders With Polymer Clay

May 18, 2023
A Quick Guide for Using Mica Powders With Polymer Clay

Mica powder and polymer clay are two versatile craft supplies that work well together. You can apply mica powder to almost any surface, and you can make almost anything out of polymer clay. Combining the two allows you to make almost any craft sparkly and shiny. Using mica powder with polymer clay is easy, and you can follow this quick guide to learn about various application techniques.

Spraying Polymer Clay With Mica Powder

One unique way to use mica powder on polymer clay is to spray the powder onto the clay. The amount of powder and water you use will depend on how much powder you want on your clay. Fill a small spray bottle with water and then pour in 1/8 teaspoon of mica powder. Shake to mix the powder and water. Then, spray the mixture onto your wet clay. If it’s not colorful or shiny enough, add more mica powder and repeat.

Brushing Mica Powder Onto Wet Clay

Another way to add mica powder to your clay craft project is to brush it on. Since the clay is still wet before you bake it, the powder will easily stick to it. Pour a small amount of mica powder onto a palette. Then, take a brush of any size and dip it into the powder. Brush the powder onto the wet clay and repeat until you cover your clay craft in powder.

While you can dip the brush into the powder container directly, you shouldn’t. This puts moisture into the container, which can degrade your powder quicker than if you left it dry. The long shelf life of pigment powders is one of the major differences between powder pigments and liquid pigments, so you need to preserve the powder’s dry state.

Adding Mica Powder To Dry Clay

If you don’t decide to use mica powder until after you’ve baked your clay project and it’s dry, that’s OK. The powder won’t stick to dry clay on its own, but you can use clear glue. Pour clear liquid glue onto a palette and add some mica powder. Mix the two together, then dip a brush into the colorful glue mixture and apply it to your dry, baked clay project. Allow the glue to dry, and your project will shimmer and shine as desired.

No matter which technique you want to use from this quick guide for using mica powder with polymer clay, your clay project will look beautiful. If you need pastel mica powder or any other shade for your next clay project, Eye Candy Pigments can help you find it. Our range of safe, high-quality pigments allows you to find the perfect color for any project at any time.