12x3 Resin Round Circle Mold
12x3 Resin Round Circle Mold
12x3 Resin Round Circle Mold

12x3 Resin Round Circle Mold

12x3 Resin Round Circle Mold

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The 12x3 Resin Clock Mold by Eye Candy Silicone & Molds is a high-quality silicone mold designed for resin casting enthusiasts and professionals alike. It is made with premium, durable silicone material that is built to last, ensuring that the mold will maintain its shape and effectiveness for multiple uses. Whether you're an experienced resin caster or just starting out, this mold is a reliable and valuable addition to your collection.

Precise Measurements and Intricate Design
The 12x3 Resin Clock Mold measures 12 inches in diameter and 3 inch in depth, making it the perfect size for creating stunning and unique resin clock faces. Its precise measurements ensure that your clock faces will fit perfectly and accurately, and its intricate design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your creations. With this mold, you can be confident that every resin clock you make will be both visually appealing and accurate.

Easy to Use and Clean
The 12x3 Resin Clock Mold is designed to be user-friendly and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to create beautiful resin clocks without the hassle of difficult molds. The smooth, non-stick surface of the mold makes it easy to remove your clock faces once they have cured, and the flexible silicone material ensures that the mold won't get stuck or damaged during the demolding process. After use, simply rinse the mold with soap and water.

Durable and Long-Lasting
The 12x3 Resin Clock Mold is made with high-quality, durable silicone material that is built to last. Unlike some lower-quality molds that can break or lose their shape after just a few uses, this mold is designed to maintain its effectiveness and shape over time. Its durability ensures that you'll be able to use the mold for multiple projects without worrying about it losing its effectiveness or breaking down.

Create Stunning Resin Clocks with Eye Candy Silicone & Molds
Eye Candy Silicone & Molds' 12x3 Resin Clock Mold is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create beautiful and unique resin clock faces. With its precise measurements, intricate design, and user-friendly features, this mold is a must-have for both amateur and professional resin casters. Choose Eye Candy Silicone & Molds for its superior quality and precision that will ensure every clock face you create is nothing short of stunning.

Yes, we are a US based company from Florida.

We recommend lightly washing your small or large silicone mold by hand, with diluted soapy water. Do not scrub with any scrubber or abrasive sponge. Let your mold dry, and before use, wipe your silicone mold down with isopropyl alcohol 90% or higher. Now you’re ready to pour!

We offer free shipping on all orders totaling $150 or above.

While you can bake some silicone molds, and while our molds are platinum silicone that can be baked, our molds are made to be used specifically for resin, soap and candles. If you are interested in seeing us offer small or large silicone molds for baking applications, please get in touch with us and let us know what you would be interested in!

Learning how to use silicone molds is important. The most critical thing is to follow the directions from your resin brand. We recommend using Superclear/Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin, which is in our opinion, not only manufactured by them in the US, but they have the highest quality resin and standards. Make sure that you clean your mold with isopropyl alcohol 90% or higher. We also suggest that you use a mold release, either a high temp paste wax or silicone mold spray, mix and pour according to the resin manufacturer’s directions.

There are a multitude of ways to keep the wood secured. Just remember, whatever you choose to use to hold or weigh it down, it must be able to release from the adhesive nature of the epoxy resin. We suggest wrapping the weight or clamp in Tyvek, Tuck tape or another construction sheathing tape. That tape will be your mold release and the resin will not permanently adhere to it.

Luckily, knowing where to buy silicone molds is easy. If you want the highest grade silicone molds for the most affordable price, obviously, we sell them direct on this website. Buying them here, you will receive free shipping orders totaling $150 or over, and the most affordable prices on our molds. We do also sell on both Superclear’s and Eye Candy Pigment’s websites.

How to get bubbles out of resin in silicone molds is important to the clarity and quality of the final product. Typically air bubbles are created during the mixing process, or from any porous substrates being casted within the pour. Bubbles from the mixing process can get caught any surface, such as on the sides and the bottom of the mold. You must dislodge those bubbles by using a brush to brush the sides and bottom, therefore releasing those bubbles, and allowing them to rise to the surface and pop. Substrates should always be sealed with a seal coat before being casted. Superclear recommends using their Superclear table top. If casting flowers, make sure that the flowers are dried properly with a silica gel, and sealed with a layer or two of a Krylon artist spray or Mod Podge artist spray. You also want to make sure that your resin pour is kept cool. Superclear recommends to put a fan on your mold on low, and keep the temperature on any pour that is 2”+ to 70F or below.

We definitely suggest using a mold release with your molds as that lengthens the life of your mold.. We recommend using one of two types of mold release. High Temp Paste Wax, found here, is applied like a car wax. Wipe it on, let it dry, and then wipe it off. This will leave a thin coating of the wax behind. We recommend doing this twice. Using a paste wax ensures that your entire mold is covered. The second recommendation is using a mold release spray. Doing a quick google search will quickly bring up a number of choices.

High quality platinum silicone molds can withstand quite a number of pours. The one product that will cut the life of a mold the fastest, is the one product mostly used with silicone molds. Epoxy resin B Sides are the activator side of the resin systems. They are naturally a corrosive. Some brands or manufacturers B sides are more corrosive than others. Not all epoxies are equal. Formulations change from one company to another and one product to another. So, how long will our molds last? Typically, when used with a mold release, they can last up to 30+ pours and beyond. However, that is dependent upon how well the mold is cared for. In some instances, molds used without mold release, without cleaning with isopropyl alcohol 90% or higher, and used with a highly corrosive brand of epoxy, you might not get much past 3-10 pours before the mold starts sticking. As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into lengthening the life of your mold.

Our molds are made with a premium platinum silicone that costs quite a bit of money per pound. Our molds are anywhere from 15/8” to 1” thick on the walls, which adds to the poundage and a longer life. Smaller molds that are used for smaller arts and crafts are very thin-walled and made from tin cure grade silicone, which is a lower grade and not food grade rated.

You can pour resin into our molds at any depth that you desire! From the minimum depth that is within spec for the resin you are using, up to the brim of the mold, or anywhere in between. Our platinum silicone molds allow for easy demoulding and flexibility when starting the finishing process, regardless of how deep the resin is poured!

We always strive to make sure our customers love our products. We accept all unused, unopened, and in its original packaging for all orders placed within the last 30 days of the original purchase date.

Please contact us at admin@eyecandymolds.com or give us a call.

To request a SDS, please email us at jeff@eyecandycustomz.com

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