Kokuyo Black Paste
Kokuyo Black Paste
Kokuyo Black Paste
Kokuyo Black Paste
Kokuyo Black Paste

Kokuyo Black Paste

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Our Kokuyo Black pigment paste is a pure straight black that you can not achieve with mica pigments. Find out why Kokuyo Black paste is the top selling black paste / dye on Amazon and used by thousands of customers.

This paste is also perfect if you are wanting that jet black color without the metallic that you would get with normal pigments.

Our pigment pastes are resin based and made ONLY for epoxy resin projects!!

Ingredients - Iron Oxide, Black 30-60%

Size - 2 oz.

Kokuyo Black - Does not have a RAL or Pantone number.

Our Eye Candy Pigment Pastes will be based of the RAL color system. Some colors will be Pantone.

Use Just a Little to Start: Our pigment pastes are really strong in color, so you don't need much. When mixing with a gallon of epoxy (which is about 8-9 pounds), begin with just a bit of paste - around 1.3 to 4.3 ounces should be enough. That's somewhere between half and just over two of our 2 oz. containers.

Try Small Tests First: Before mixing a big batch, do a small test. This way, you can see how the color turns out without using too much of your materials. Add the pigment slowly and see how the color develops.

Mix It Well: Make sure you mix the pigment paste thoroughly with the epoxy. You want the color to be even without any streaks.

For Less Color, Use Less Paste: If you want the color to be more see-through (translucent), use just a tiny amount of the paste.

Don’t Add Too Much: Putting in too much pigment can change how the epoxy works, so add the pigment carefully.

Follow the Instructions: If there are any specific instructions from the pigment maker, be sure to follow them, as they know their product best.

Remember, the way pigment and epoxy mix can vary, so it’s good to experiment a bit to get the color just right for your project.

You can create your own unique color blends by mixing our pigment paste colors together. For example, use our Satori White and Kokuyo Black pastes to create a grey and so on!

Do you want some metallic in your paste color? Our pigments and pastes work well together. Feel free to add a pigment powder to your paste until you achieve the desired look.

It's basically a color management system used in Europe that is created and administered by Germany.

Range — Range Name — First — Last — Quantity
RAL 1xxx — Yellow — RAL 1000 Green Beige — RAL 1037 Sun Yellow — 50
RAL 2xxx — Orange — RAL 2000 Yellow Orange — RAL 2013 Pearl Orange — 14
RAL 3xxx — Red — RAL 3000 Fire Red — RAL 3033 Pearl Pink — 34
RAL 4xxx — Violet — RAL 4001 Red Purple — RAL 4012 Pearl Black Berry — 12
RAL 5xxx — Blue — RAL 5000 Violet Blue — RAL 5026 Pearl Night Blue — 25
RAL 6xxx — Green — RAL 6000 Patina Green — RAL 6038 Luminous Green — 36
RAL 7xxx — Grey — RAL 7000 Squirrel Grey — RAL 7048 Pearl Mouse Grey — 38
RAL 8xxx — Brown — RAL 8000 Green Brown — RAL 8029 Pearl Copper — 20
RAL 9xxx — White/Black — RAL 9001 Cream — RAL 9023 Pearl Dark Grey — 14

Pantone conversion system is mainly used by graphic designers for color graphic printing. The PMS color conversion chart allows designers to "color match". RAL Effect comprises of 420 solid colors and 70 metallic colors which are represented by a unique code.

RAL to Pantone conversion chart:


This could be due to using too much paste compared to the amount of epoxy resin used. Reminder, it takes only a small amount of paste to achieve color. This doesn't happen often if any at all but this paste MUST be used / mixed with epoxy resin and not by itself in order for it to dry.

DO NOT USE! Our Pigment Pastes are resin based and designed specifically for epoxy rein projects.

DO NOT USE! Our Pigment Pastes are resin based and designed specifically for epoxy rein projects.

To request a SDS, please email us at jeff@eyecandycustomz.com

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
The most amazing BLACK and white

I am in love with this pigment paste! I was looking for something that was a true black for a coaster set I had in mind I wanted the coaster holder to be a true black and no pigment I found fit the bill till this one! It's a beautiful black and not at all transparent it's perfect I can't say enough wonderful things about it. If your thinking about it just buy it now! Plus side to an already amazing product I dipped the end of a popsicle stick in the paste and got a tiny bit on there to mix in and it was solid in about 6oz of resin! I am thinking the jar will last several projects. I ordered the red and white after the black because I loved it so much! The white is just as beautiful 😍


Wow! This pigment is extremely saturated. I can’t imagine that I will ever run out of this… unless I’m producing really large items. Can’t recommend enough.

Jennifer Renee Shipman
Best pigment paste out there

Well after trying quite a few other brands I can undoubtedly say that Eye Candy has the best pigment paste out there. A little goes a long way so it'll last you a very long time, I dip the end of my little paint brush into the paste to get a tiny amount and it's always perfect,a little bitty bit will make it a translucent smoky black or a tiny bit more to make it really dark and either way it comes out gorgeous. So the paste is thick but not too thick and so easy to get the perfect color you're going for and you can play around with it and make other colors or add holographic powder or glitter, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless with your creativity. The container it comes in definitely makes it easier to use and for keeping stored away. Eye Candy has lots of other colors to choose which I'm buying really soon because they're gorgeous colors and the only brand I'll buy from now. The seller Jeff also included a fact sheet about their pigments in my Amazon messages ,it shows you the heat tolerance of each pigment,what it can be used for,etc.,really informative. Get Eye Candy and you won't be disappointed.

C Ko
Solid black paste (no pearl or metallics pigments)

I love Eye Candy solid black paste. There are no metallic or pearl color to it. Though I have to agree with others, the jar is filled only half way. Maybe Eye Candy could use smaller jars so people don’t feel deceived. Nonetheless, I’d buy it again.

Randy Jay Quinn
This is a very very strong black pigment.

I have used many different black pigments for my art (I am a professional). I will say of all the black pigments that I have ever used, the eye candy Kokuyo Black is by far the strongest and most black. It takes very little to make a completely opaque epoxy so be careful if you are aiming for transparency (though transparency is definitely possible. All I can say is one should test this pigment out on a test sheet before applying it to an important art piece as this is a very strong pigment.It is also worth noting that this is a paste; it is extremely thick, and very hard to completely remove from your mixing tool and some may go to waste for this reason.5 stars, I feel that this 2oz will last for a very long time.

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