Suiko Blue Paste
Suiko Blue Paste
Suiko Blue Paste
Suiko Blue Paste

Suiko Blue Paste

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Our Suiko Blue pigment paste is a pure blue without the metallics that you would normally get with pigments. This color is also great for those ocean beach themed projects. Find out why our pigment pastes are the top selling pastes / dyes on Amazon and used by thousands of customers.

Whether you are wanting an opaque or translucent look, these pastes are made just for that.

Our pigment pastes are resin based and made ONLY for epoxy resin projects!!


Ingredients - All items withheld as Trade Secret by manufacturer.

Size - 2 oz.

Suiko Blue - Does not have a RAL or Pantone number.

Our Eye Candy Pigment Pastes will be based of the RAL color system. Some colors will be Pantone.

Use Just a Little to Start: Our pigment pastes are really strong in color, so you don't need much. When mixing with a gallon of epoxy (which is about 8-9 pounds), begin with just a bit of paste - around 1.3 to 4.3 ounces should be enough. That's somewhere between half and just over two of our 2 oz. containers.

Try Small Tests First: Before mixing a big batch, do a small test. This way, you can see how the color turns out without using too much of your materials. Add the pigment slowly and see how the color develops.

Mix It Well: Make sure you mix the pigment paste thoroughly with the epoxy. You want the color to be even without any streaks.

For Less Color, Use Less Paste: If you want the color to be more see-through (translucent), use just a tiny amount of the paste.

Don’t Add Too Much: Putting in too much pigment can change how the epoxy works, so add the pigment carefully.

Follow the Instructions: If there are any specific instructions from the pigment maker, be sure to follow them, as they know their product best.

Remember, the way pigment and epoxy mix can vary, so it’s good to experiment a bit to get the color just right for your project.

You can create your own unique color blends by mixing our pigment paste colors together. For example, use our Satori White and Kokuyo Black pastes to create a grey and so on!

Do you want some metallic in your paste color? Our pigments and pastes work well together. Feel free to add a pigment powder to your paste until you achieve the desired look.

It's basically a color management system used in Europe that is created and administered by Germany.

Range — Range Name — First — Last — Quantity
RAL 1xxx — Yellow — RAL 1000 Green Beige — RAL 1037 Sun Yellow — 50
RAL 2xxx — Orange — RAL 2000 Yellow Orange — RAL 2013 Pearl Orange — 14
RAL 3xxx — Red — RAL 3000 Fire Red — RAL 3033 Pearl Pink — 34
RAL 4xxx — Violet — RAL 4001 Red Purple — RAL 4012 Pearl Black Berry — 12
RAL 5xxx — Blue — RAL 5000 Violet Blue — RAL 5026 Pearl Night Blue — 25
RAL 6xxx — Green — RAL 6000 Patina Green — RAL 6038 Luminous Green — 36
RAL 7xxx — Grey — RAL 7000 Squirrel Grey — RAL 7048 Pearl Mouse Grey — 38
RAL 8xxx — Brown — RAL 8000 Green Brown — RAL 8029 Pearl Copper — 20
RAL 9xxx — White/Black — RAL 9001 Cream — RAL 9023 Pearl Dark Grey — 14

Pantone conversion system is mainly used by graphic designers for color graphic printing. The PMS color conversion chart allows designers to "color match". RAL Effect comprises of 420 solid colors and 70 metallic colors which are represented by a unique code.

RAL to Pantone conversion chart:,are%20represented%20by%20unique%20codes.

This could be due to using too much paste compared to the amount of epoxy resin used. Reminder, it takes only a small amount of paste to achieve color. This doesn't happen often if any at all but this paste MUST be used / mixed with epoxy resin and not by itself in order for it to dry.

DO NOT USE! Our Pigment Pastes are resin based and designed specifically for epoxy rein projects.

DO NOT USE! Our Pigment Pastes are resin based and designed specifically for epoxy rein projects.

To request a SDS, please email us at

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Grant M.
I made an epoxy river table!

This was my first time using epoxy and I am not a pro woodworker. My gf and I wanted to do a project and after watching people make these tables we decided to give it a try, The table isn’t done yet but I love the deep dark blue that this created. Looking forward to the completed color after polishing.

Kristian E. Gamble
Need More Practice

I love Eye Candy Powders but this is my first EC pigment paste. For my work, I prefer my color to be opaque and this is a bit more sheer than I like. But my biggest complaint is the odor. It is REALLY smelly!

healthy living
a little dab will do ya!

Having only used one other pigment paste (Satori White) I was expecting the "Suiko Blue" pigment paste to be/function the same as the white. Not so much!Suiko Blue does not seem to be as thick a paste as the white...I ended up with blue pigment all over the place just trying to get the foil safety seal off...totally on me I should have been more patient....and not have assumed all pastes are the same consistency.Talk about highly pigmented! I used a toothpick to get a very small amount off the foil seal and achieved the color I wanted. It was a gorgeous shade of dark blue and far more translucent than I expected/thought I wanted it to be.Just like the Satori White Pigment Paste, I'm sure there will be a little bit of a learning curve to achieve my desired effect without degrading my epoxy.If you are doing any project where you are trying to mimic deep water, you will want Suiko Blue pigment paste...VERY happy with this color!!!

Gordon M.
Worked great for what I had to do

Pretty easy to mix and pour,I made a custom table for a client and she wanted dark blue,very happy with end result.

J. Odrobinak
Eye candy resin pigment is a very, very good product, but pricey

Love the product, but it's pricey

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